Photography to celebrate your relationship.

Crafted to bring you joy.

I’m a Belle Plaine Minnesota wedding photographer, in love with authentic interactions, little details, and building a relationship with you.  I believe you should have fun and feel awesome in your wedding pictures. Whether you are just beginning your wedding plans or are about to say “I do”- I am committed to helping you enjoy the journey to your wedding day.

Your moments are beautiful.

Your photos should capture so much more than the occasion.  They tell the story of love’s journey and celebrate the adventure ahead.  The looks you give each other that say “I love you”, the way you were really trying not to cry for joy but did.  These are the things life is made of.  They are moments that can’t be duplicated.

Committed to your needs for weddings, portraits & design.

I’m an inclusive photographer, who believes all people and all weddings are beautiful and worthy of celebrating.  I seek to understand your unique personal needs, and exceed your expectations.






Location & Services

Christa Reed Photography is located in Belle Plaine, Minnesota and serves the entire Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area.  Will travel anywhere in the United States and Minnesota, including Duluth, Stillwater, St. Cloud, Mankato, Rochester, and Fargo areas. Specializing in wedding photography, also offering portraits, wedding invitations, and graphic design

Contact Christa

 Contact by Email:      Contact by phone/text:  612.965.1591

What Clients Say

“Christa, just wow!  Thank you so much!!  You blew my high expectations out of the water.  I LOVE all the photos!  You are an amazing photographer!!

-Allison & Mathias Married May 19, 2018.

(View more pictures from their Shakopee, MN wedding HERE.)portrait of a couple at their outdoor wedding by shakopee minnesota wedding photographer