This is my inspiration wall in my home office.  I currently have it decorated with mounted metallic prints of my daughter and nephew, a small canvas from my sister’s wedding, and other images I’ve made that motivate me!

This is an attic, so the wall space you see in the picture is pretty much all I have.  The ceiling is one of those awesome old fashioned slanted ones.  This is also the only wall without wainscoting where it meets the ceiling.  Anything I’ve tried to hang on it ends up falling down, including large canvases.

Seeing the faces I care about motivates me, gives me smiles when I’m having a down day, and makes my whole office feel so GOOD.

Print your pictures people, because it will make you feel good to look at them without flipping open your cell phone, grabbing your tablet or turning on the lap top.  It’s why I have options for packages that include print credit.  I want my clients to experience how good it feels to look at something beautiful and meaningful.