Belle Plaine Wedding Photography & Portraits

I believe in serving & celebrating you.

Photography has the power to be a celebration and mark the milestones of your life’s journey.  Whether it’s your marriage, your business, your family, or simply portraits in your favorite place just because.

When you ask me to be your photographer it’s a great privilege and beautiful responsibility.  I’m committed to serving you from our first email because you’re a friend who deserves the best.

Your photography should be planned with intention.  This means crafting portraits that represent you and speak the truth of your life.  The space in front of my camera is a place for you to be yourself.

I’m grateful to everyone who steps in front of my camera.

Core Values

Respect- I want to honor each individual I photograph, lift people up, and foster open, honest communication.

Inclusion- I stand in support of racial justice, LGBTQ+ marriage equality, and beauty for all people at every size.  

Integrity- I believe in photography as service.  I seek do right through photography.

A few more things:


In college I was a commercial photography assistant.  I graduated with a Bachelor in Visual Communications in 2008.  I then became lead photographer at a studio in the Twin Cities.  In 2012 I opened my own business.  

So if having an experienced photographer is important to you, I have over a decade behind the camera.


My home base is south of Minneapolis in Belle Plaine, Mn.  I travel through out Minneapolis, St. Paul and the rest of the state for weddings & portraits.


Photography is my career, and a huge part of my life, but I believe in balancing this with other interests too.

Nature is my refuge.  Hiking, road trips, rock hounding, and bonfires under the stars.   I’m fueled by lots of coffee, books, family time, snuggling my cats, and singing out-loud to my favorite songs.

Married in St. Paul, Mn at Dakota Lodge

Laura & Robert

"Christa Reed is an amazing person and an exceptional photographer. She has a great eye for photography and ensures your photoshoot is nothing short of amazing. We’ve had her take our engagement photos, my boudoir photos, and our wedding day photos. Every shoot she is very professional but a friend as well. She is very approachable and arrives ready to go." -Laura