I cuddled into the couch with my husband for some Netflix time the other night, trying to find a show we could both enjoy.

We watched the documentary The Magic of Houdini.  In it there was an interview with David Copperfield, and he said something so profound I had to write it down that very moment.

He said “Every single artist who has lasted had a need to get it right.”

I’ve been feeling old lately, trying to hide my grey hairs, seeing wrinkles that probably only my detail oriented photographer eyes notice.  I’ve been thinking about the fact that when I started my career Photoshop was barely on version 4, Lightroom didn’t exist, and I was still developing roles of personal work on film once in a while without that being considered vintage.

When David Copperfield said this he reminded me, “Hey, you’re still here, you’ve lasted!” because I realized that every day when I work, the drive to get it right, to get it fantastic, to get it unbelievably crazy good for my clients is what pushes me.

So thanks David, you made my night!