Apple Valley Wedding Photography| Afternoon Tea Wedding

Jon and Yola had an small, intimate wedding at the Apple Valley Community Center’s Senior Center.  The theme was an afternoon tea party.  All of the tea cups used on the tables were from Yola’s collection.  Jon and Yola love tea, not only because it tastes good, but because it brought them together.  They met while working at Teavana.


**A Note From Christa.   January, 2018:  When I started my business, I shot a lot of small weddings, and I shot my sibling’s weddings.  I am so proud to have Yola as my sister in law! Her and my brother are beautiful together.  You can see their more recent maternity session here.   Some photographers delete blogs like this one as their skills increase, but as I’ve been cleaning up my website lately I’ve chosen to leave this one up.  Remembering where you started is important in your photography journey.  PLUS there’s something so sweet and simple about this wedding.  The tea cups on the table are something I still see used 5 years later!  I think this wedding remains a great inspiration for planning a small wedding.

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