Locations for photography:
Pre-Wedding:  Minnesota Zoo Grizzly Coast Otters Exhibit plus GrandStay Suites Apple Valley, MN
(both locations with advanced permission to shoot)

Ceremony: Grace Lutheran Church Apple Valley, MN
Reception: Rosemount, MN VFW

Brent and Felicia’s wedding was extremely special for me to shoot. Felicia was the second child in her family to get Senior Portraits from me, her sister Ashley being the very first senior I did after switching from film to digital equipment. I did their brother Zac’s portraits too. It has been so fun to watch their family evolve.

Here are their rings, they fit perfectly together, nested.

During their engagement shoot Felicia told me that when she met Brent she poked him in the face to make sure he was real. Brent proposed at the Minnesota Zoo next to the Otters on the Grizzley Coast exhibit. They wanted to go back to the Zoo to recreate the memory of that moment on their wedding day.

The shoot was amazing!!!

The otters stayed away for the first shots then suddenly decided it was time to say hi!

Felicia’s dress reminds me of water, with ripples and bubbles in it, it fit so well with the otters!

Since February in Minnesota is windy and cold, we decided to head inside and shoot more dramatic portraits at the hotel where the group was getting ready for the ceremony and where the couple would be staying after the wedding for a night.

We did family pictures in the church, and had some fun with Lisa Curry’s Barnwood sign. When I saw Brent post a picture of his Superman underwear on his facebook page one day, considering him a hero for serving in the military, AND knowing he would be wearing the Iron Man t-shirt under his tux, I had to order them a special sign Felicia could hang in their new home.

After family portraits we did one quick funny shot. I don’t think the children were acting…or maybe they’re that good!

The ceremony was beautiful. The Grace Lutheran church altar was adorned in purple for Lent. The couple was married by Brent’s former Youth Pastor. When Felicia came down the aisle there was a sunbeam directly on her, she literally glowed!

During the Ceremony that sunbeam moved across the main aisle and right to the altar. By the time “you may kiss the bride” came around it was shining on them again!

The Reception at the VFW was full of energy, everything was decorated with icicle lights and snowflakes, it was beautiful.

The cake was made by Brent’s former elementary school teacher. She is currently a teacher, and makes cakes too!

After the formal events of the reception took place the wedding party danced the night away. I stayed a bit longer to capture the energy of this first night in Brent and Felicia’s married life.

Over this past weekend I delivered their album and disc, and said goood-bye to Felicia as she prepared for the move out to California to join Brent on base. I also said goodbye to Zac who left for deployment in Spain. I was excited to have the family look at the album, but it was bittersweet knowing that Felicia’s mom was going to have an empty house with all her children leaving.

Thank you so much Brent and Felicia for letting me be a part of your day. I love your family and can’t wait to hear about your adventures in married life.