Backyard Wedding Photography in New Ulm.

The choice to have an intimate backyard wedding in 2020 is a deep and personal one.  I have endless respect and gratitude to Isabel & David for including me when their plans changed this year. 

Their entire wedding was set for August at The Broz in New Prague.  They decided it was the best choice for them to move the reception to 2021.  I met them before the ceremony for their first look and portraits.  It was the best thing ever to see their faces as they turned around and saw each other.

These two are a pair of optometrists, and it was awesome how they snuck the little details of eyes and glasses into their ceremony.  It was subtle and personal.  I loved it.  We did something similar for their engagement shoot too.


And so, after portraits they were married in their intimate backyard wedding ceremony on their original wedding date. Standing 6 feet from their officiant and families.  I kept to the back of the yard, capturing it all with my longest lens. 

There were tears at the corners of everyone’s eyes, and spontaneous laughter at a few points in the vows.  A cell phone was placed strategically to stream and record it all.  Their ceremony was different than they imagined, also still full of emotional impact and meaningful photography just as any other wedding I’ve attended.

Planing a backyard wedding.

The difficulties of planning weddings during a pandemic are astounding and I’ll never downplay that fact.  It forces you to make decisions you never thought anyone would ask you to make.  Your emotions will bubble up and sometimes overflow.  And it’s okay to let yourself feel all the things right now.

Choosing to focus on what your original wedding date means to you might lead you to plan an intimate backyard wedding and hold off on the reception until later.  One where your immediate family, officiant and a photographer are the only ones in attendance. 

Is a backyard wedding the best choice?

The most important thing to remember about all wedding planning (during a pandemic or otherwise) is you have to do what’s right for you and your marriage.  The right decision will look different for every couple.

I adore all weddings equally.  One wedding is not better than another due to its size.  What makes a wedding great are the people getting married, and the love they’re celebrating.  Numerous people asked me this year if I’m glad to shoot more elopements or small weddings.  Under the circumstances, I’m simply thankful for what is and what can be. 

What I’m glad about is being there to assist my couples in making the choices right for them.  Isabel and David were very independent in their decision making, but for couples who need advice I’m grateful when they ask me for help.

Whether it’s a cozy elopement, a backyard wedding at home, your original wedding plan with adjustments, or postponing until you feel it’s the right time to resume wedding planning, I want to support your choices when it comes to your wedding.

One unique thing about Isabel and David’s wedding was this: For the first time in my life as I said good bye,  I also said, “See you in March to do this again.”   I wanted to give the hugs that are necessary with a true Minnesota goodbye, but a wave and a little laughter had to do. 

Their wedding ceremony was wonderful, beautiful and just right for them.