Weddings are a day when we celebrate.  They are also a day when we often remember all the people we love who have gone before us.  If someone important to you has passed, there are still ways you can include their memory in your wedding.

A few ways you can honor deceased loved ones at your wedding:


Wear their jewelry.

Play a special song that reminds you of them.

Include a table at the reception with a bouquet and photograph in honor of them.

a groom places flowers at a remembrance table before his wedding
Remembrance table on a riverboat wedding in St. Paul, Minnesota.


remembering deceased loved ones at your wedding
A remembrance table with candle and flowers for a parent at Rubies and Rust barn in Belle Plaine.

Have a candle lighting during your ceremony in honor of all deceased loved ones on both sides of your family.

Use charms and tiny photographs in your bouquet.  (Etsy is a great source for bouquet charm kits.  You can DIY or work with your floral designer on this.)


bouquet charm
A portrait bouquet charm to remember a child.


Dedicate part of your reception toast to sharing memories of your loved ones.

Add a special heirloom to your dress or suit. You can have it sewn into the lining so it’s with you all day.

a vintage sewing kit
Vintage sewing kit at a St. Paul wedding.
remembrance bouquet
A remembrance bouquet in pink, coral and white with calla lilies and floral charm, by Stems and Vines in Prior Lake, Minnesota


These are just a few ways you can honor deceased loved ones at your wedding.  If you need help thinking of ideas while we’re planning your wedding photography I’m happy to do research and help you find more meaningful ideas.

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