The Monday before Thanksgiving I had the privilege of meeting with Brent and Felicia for their engagement shoot.

We had some fun at Court Square Park and in the Minnesota River Valley.

Here are my favorites from the shoot:

I asked Felicia what she did the first time she met Brent at work, and she replied:
“I poked him in the face to make sure he was real.”





We found an awesome old tree down by the river, which turned out to be an inspiring and romantic tree as well :)
Felicia and Brent are such a fun couple to shoot.   They have a very adventurous dynamic together which came out in their portraits.

Down by the beach we took some phenomenal frames!  Sometimes when I suggest a photo shoot outdoors in November I get raised eyebrows from my clients, but the Minnesota River has a unique beauty at this time of year.
I’m incredibly grateful for couples like Brent and Felicia who let me start my Monday mornings in the best way possible, by doing a photo shoot.

I can’t wait until their wedding in February.