Tiffany’s Belle Plaine Maternity Photography with gorgeous fall colors.

I love that Tiffany’s maternity shoot is rooted in simplicity but is still so beautiful.  Bright fall colors, a comfy dress and an easy to navigate location all contributed to Tiffany feeling comfortable for her portraits.  When you’re comfortable your maternity photography will be easy and fun.

A woman wears a black dress for Belle Plaine Mn Maternity Photography in autumn

I like to start maternity shoots with easy poses.  It gives you a chance to relax and get used to having my camera around.  I also love to add in pops of color when you’re wearing a neutral colored outfit.  The old red shed is a little rustic and very pretty against all the yellow oak leaves.

It’s very fun to get a little artistic with maternity photos, yet keep the natural and relaxed flow of the shoot going.  This historic house in Belle Plaine is one of my favorite spots for fall portraits.  It has interesting little places to pose with really nice, soft light that brings out your natural pregnancy glow.   Even if you don’t feel like you’re glowing inside, (because let’s face it in that last trimester of pregnancy sometimes what you really want is a nap)  I promise you’ll connect with your inner radiance during your shoot.

Belle Plaine Mn Maternity Photography Outdoor Portraits

The other nice thing about this park for maternity photography in Belle Plaine is that it’s nice and wide.  When you include active family members, like these adorable dogs, there’s room to let them run in between our poses.  This can help them sit still, even if it’s just for a split second.  One good second is all it takes!

Belle Plaine Mn Maternity Photography portraits with your dogs

The cuteness of these pups’ expressions makes me smile every time I look at this picture.  I want to bring out everyone’s natural expressions and personalities in portraits, including pets.

beautiful fall Belle Plaine Mn Maternity Photography
a couple holds hands for their Belle Plaine Mn Maternity Photography

Family Portraits at your maternity shoot

If you haven’t done family portraits in a while, it’s good to invite your family along on your maternity shoot.  Why not accomplish two things at once, right?  Tiffany arranged for the family to show up as we were finishing the maternity poses.  They were able to help with the dogs for the last part of the shoot, and then have their own pictures without having to stand around and wait their turn.  It worked out really well.  My goal is always to make portraits enjoyable, but also give you enough time to enjoy a beautiful evening when we’re all through.

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer in Belle Plaine, Minnesota.  If you’re thinking of having maternity portraits in the Belle Plaine area learn more about me and contact me here to talk about what you want from your photographer.