Nicole is an aspiring model and Senior at Belle Plaine High School.  We did her senior portraits over the summer.  This spring she wanted to add more pictures for her modeling portfolio with a new hair cut.  What stands out to me about these photographs is how much Nicole has changed since the beginning of her senior year!  After doing this shoot, I think it’s important that high school seniors think about how much they can change in a few months, and plan their senior pictures for a time that will work for them to get the most updated look and meet their yearbook deadline.

Another option is to book a double session for portraits, one session for the year book deadline and another closer to graduation to capture how much you change during senior year!

The picture on the left is Nicole in the fall, the one on the right is her new style.  She’s beautiful in both, but it’s still a BIG change!

Thank you Nikkee, you are amazing!  Congratulations on making the honor role too!