Photography at Rubies and Rust Wedding Barn in Belle Plaine Minnesota.

Thea and Mike had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Rubies and Rust Wedding Barn in Belle Plaine.  Their photography shows the deep and romantic love they have for one another.

Out in the countryside of Belle Plaine there is a quiet romance that winds its way through the landscape.  It’s in the light, and in these photos.  The dirt roads and fields were the perfect backdrop for this couple.

getting ready in the farmhouse at rubies and rust wedding barn
Thea prepared for her wedding in the farmhouse at Rubies and Rust.
I adore this pretty key flask that Thea strapped to her leg under her dress.

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I’m a Belle Plaine wedding photographer located just a few minutes away from Rubies and Rust wedding barn.  If you’re getting married there you can contact me to talk about your wedding plans.

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Booking info for Rubies and Rust on their website here.