Having a food truck at your wedding is fun.

If you’re thinking of hiring a food truck for your Minnesota wedding, read on for some advice.

As a wedding photographer in Minneapolis I’ve experienced a lot of different wedding foods.  Everyone gets excited when the food truck pulls up to your reception.  It’s a unique and entertaining experience for guests.  Here’s a list of important things you need to know when hiring a food truck caterer, and some suggestions on trucks I’ve personally seen at weddings.

What are some good food trucks for my Minnesota wedding?

There are so many different and excellent choices in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  I’ve personally experienced wedding food from these trucks:

Looking back at this list, grilled cheese and tacos seem to be the food of choice for my wedding couples.  Both are easy to serve, hand held meals, enjoyed by adults and children.

If you want more choices for trucks, check out the Minnesota Food Truck Association.  You fill out one contact form and the request is sent to all 100+ trucks in the association.  Trucks that can fulfill your request will contact you.  Also look at the Roaming Hunger website.

How to make a plan for your food truck at the wedding reception:

After you find your food truck it’s important to make a plan for what will happen at your reception.  Here are some things to keep in mind when organizing your reception meal:

  • Remember a food truck is an outside caterer, so your venue needs to allow outside catering.
  • Communicate with your venue and the truck on the best place to park for food service.
  • If you’re dining outside in a backyard or outside at a venue where will your guests eat?
  • Will you rent tables and chairs?
  • Will you rent a tent in case of rain?

What are benefits of food truck catering for your wedding?

  • One of the easiest ways to feed everyone at an intimate wedding or small reception.
  • A unique dining experience- not the same old midwestern wedding meal of meat and veggies.
  • It’s outdoor and backyard wedding friendly.
  • An ideal solution for venues without a kitchen.

What to look out for when getting a food truck for your reception:

  • Not every food truck is all-inclusive.  Ask if plates, utensils, and napkins are included.
  • You may need to hire additional help for serving beverages, desserts or snacks depending on what your food truck provides.
  • If you want alcohol at your wedding but your truck doesn’t have a license to serve you need to hire bar service. 
  • Not every Minnesota truck caters at winter weddings.
  • Some trucks book in advance, some don’t.  As soon as you know which truck you want find out how they book events.

Here’s what to ask a food truck caterer before you hire them:

  • Do we get an event contract?
  • What’s included in the price per person?  
  • How long is the average wait time for guests ordering food?
  • Do my guests get sides or second helpings?
  • Will I need to provide my own plates, napkins and cutlery?
  • Do we need an additional permit from the city or county to have the truck at our wedding?
  • What if the truck experiences mechanical difficulty on our wedding day?
  • How will food service work if it’s raining?

These tips will help you start your search for the right wedding caterer.  They’re all based on my experience as a wedding photographer in Minnesota.  To learn more about what I do for couples at their wedding and get details on packages click here.