Bridal Shoots & Post Wedding Shoots

What are Bridal Shoots and Pre or Post Wedding Shoots?

If you’re planning on eloping without a formal ceremony or a professional photographer, you can book a couple’s wedding session together and still have a set of beautiful pictures in your wedding clothes.

For couples having a formal wedding, scheduling portraits before or after the wedding day can allow you a chance to have some relaxed and intimate portraits.   It’s an opportunity as a couple to enjoy more time together in your wedding clothes without a lot of people watching, or the pressures of your wedding day schedule.

Bridal Sessions are the perfect excuse to spend some quality time with your wedding dress!    They are a great opportunity to try out hair and make-up,  get detailed dress shots, and get used to your shoes before your wedding day.

Portraits can also be used to create a canvas to display at your reception, or a framed print with a signature matte around it that your guests can sign.

What Happens at a Session?

We will spend time talking about your preferences, and getting creative during the session.

If you are booking before the wedding, your stylist will have the opportunity to do a test run of your hair and make-up.  You will bring your dress, veil, and any other accessories you have.  You can bring a friend with you, and to help you get into your dress.

We will be able to pose and play in your dress!  Many times this session can  help you narrow down which hair style you like best, get you used to your shoes, and feeling more comfortable about getting ready on your big day.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

Sessions can be scheduled any time up to a few days before your wedding day, or after it if you wish to do a session together, or where you dress might encounter dirt. (Like going into the Minnesota River Valley Preserve or Lake Calhoun for a beach shoot.)  Contact your stylist and get her availability, because you will want to bring her with you to the session.

How Much Are Sessions?

These sessions are priced at my regular portrait session rate and are available as full or short shoots.

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