Lizabe & Aaron’s Can Can Wonderland wedding was an unforgettable day of fun for themselves and their guests.

  I was with them from the time they got ready until the reception wound down.  This wedding was one of the most unique ones I’ve photographed, which is perfect because Lizabe and Aaron are a unique couple.  They share a love for the quirky, geeky and sci-fi, and included a lot of that in their wedding.

The important thing to know about their wedding is it’s designed by Lizabe and Aaron to be more.  They wanted a unique experience for everyone involved, and so the pictures you see here are more than the usual wedding photography.  This photography is a record for the couple and their guests of how it was and how it felt when they got married.


a wedding details picture with jewelry
I love pictures of wedding details, especially with you in the picture too.
getting ready for your can can wonderland wedding
Having your parent help you with your jewelry is always a must have wedding picture.
fun wedding socks including batman and c3p0
Aaron had many choices for wedding socks. We did an Instagram poll to see which one to wear.  (Keep reading to see the winner!)
I love the chance for a dramatic black and white shot during the first look.
doing a first look
First look accomplished!
wedding details at can can wonderland
Yes, Can Can Wonderland has a Pac Man arcade game

wedding party at can can wonderland
Party with the wedding party!
wedding pictures in front of a graffiti mural
This graffiti mural had the same teal colors as the groom’s tie.
wearing batman socks at your wedding
Surprise! Wearing Batman socks at your wedding.
a Can Can Wonderland wedding ceremony
The couple chose a colorful ceremony space for their Can Can Wonderland wedding.
Laugh during your wedding ceremony if you feel joyful!
Celebrate after the ceremony too.
Having fun with motion and ribbons.
having a pong game at your wedding
Arcade games can definitely be romantic
wedding rings part of your wedding details
Wedding ring shot on the pong table
The rainbow pipes outside Can Can Wonderland are a fund spot for wedding portraits
wedding photography at Can Can Wonderland
A blurred and romantic kiss
rainbow wedding photo
I love you. I know.
paint a globe for your wedding guest book
This wedding guest book globe is a DIY marvel!
When you’re getting married at Can Can Wonderland and you sign the marriage certificate on an arcade table.
Can Can Wonderland boardwalk
Taking a stroll down Can Can Wonderland’s boardwalk.
playing skee ball at a Can Can Wonderland wedding
Playing skee ball in your wedding dress
artist designed mini golf course at Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul, MN
The local artist designed mini golf at Can Can is one way to keep your guests entertained all night long.
Twirls, because this is how a short dress is fun for your spring wedding.
A vest is a good alternative to a suit jacket when you want to be casual and comfortable.
Room flip for the reception.
A taco buffet at your wedding. Yes please!
Just married snuggles!
The Monkey Business. One of Can Can’s signature drinks.  A boozy malt full of ice cream, bourbon, peanut butter and banana.  The perfect way to enjoy your wedding reception.
An impromptu dancing moment.
A gamer wedding cake with dinosaurs
Playing the game on hard mode is the only way to play!
Wedding cake on vintage china plates.
Delicious cake on vintage plates.
Mid reception table-scape.  Also, do you see the Tardis?
I met many fantastic guests and all with a great senses of humor!
Sneaking out of the reception so Lizabe and Aaron get some fresh air in front of Black Stack.
wearing a pop of color at your wedding
Fun wedding shoes and a peek-a-boo pop of teal color.
You should get exactly this excited about your wedding photos.


Thank you to the following wedding professionals

Can Can Wonderland | W00t Weddings | Bread Art | Officiant Chris Berg | Jasmine of Waterlily Beauty | Indochino

I’m a St. Paul wedding photographer who wants you to have the best time ever at your wedding.  If you want to talk about your wedding goals  contact me here.

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