Lizabe & Aaron’s Can Can Wonderland wedding was an unforgettable day of fun.

  I was with them from the time they got ready until the reception wound down.  This wedding was one of the most unique ones I’ve photographed, which is perfect because Lizabe and Aaron are a unique couple.  They share a love for all things quirky, geeky, and nerdy.

The important thing to know about their wedding is it was designed by Lizabe and Aaron to be a unique experience for everyone involved. So having a Can Can Wonderland wedding was the perfect way to go for them. These pictures aren’t all traditionally posed, but more like documentary wedding photography for the couple and their guests of how it fun the entire day was.

Colorful Ceremony Space For A Can Can Wonderland Wedding

One of the best things about having your wedding at Can Can is the variety of colors and textures to be found all over the venue.  This ceremony space is perfect for when you want to have a non-traditional wedding.  No flowers or wedding arch is needed.  It’s already a bright, fun space on its own.

Lizbae and Aaron’s ceremony was a short and sweet one.  Their guests enjoyed watching them say their vows.   After the ceremony, they skipped the traditional receiving line and celebrated with guests in the arcade.


A Can Can Wonderland Wedding Reception

Lizabe and Aaron’s reception was just as fun as their ceremony and portraits.  The couple didn’t have a DJ or formal dance for this wedding.  The reception was a time to be together and share meaningful conversations.  Their reception table arrangement allowed everyone to sit close together while enjoying a taco buffet and cupcakes on antique plates.   This casual reception meant that guests were free to get up and explore Can Can’s local artist-designed mini-golf too.

Sneaking Out Of Your Wedding Reception

I love it when couples decide to do some outdoor pictures, even when their venue has everything they need inside.  We get a memorable shot of the venue, plus it gets you some time alone.  This is a good choice if you’re the kind of person who needs to feel centered during the high energy of the wedding reception.  Even if we only do a few pictures, you can use picture time as an excuse to step away and relax.

At the end of the day, every single guest from this wedding went home feeling joyful and excited for the couple.  I think everyone will also have a good story to tell in the future when they reminisce about Lizabe and Aaron’s wedding day.  It was romantic, exciting, and a fabulous celebration for everyone.

Thank you to the following wedding professionals:

Can Can Wonderland | W00t Weddings | Bread Art | Officiant Chris Berg | Jasmine of Waterlily Beauty | Indochino

I’m a St. Paul wedding photographer who wants you to have the best time ever at getting married at your Can Can Wonderland wedding or another unique venue.  If you want to talk about your photography goals  contact me here.