(I am going through my archives this week and making sure my 2017 shoots are blogged.  This is one of the blogs that was lost during my website updates over the summer, and I had to re-pot it because it’s so so sweet.  Enjoy this look back at Alicia and Jeremiah’s pre wedding session. )

The Minnesota River Valley gave us blustery day, but I think at that point it had been raining for a few days, so it was an improvement in the weather!  We had some coffee at Caribou while it rained again, talked about the wedding and then headed on out to the River with an umbrella hoping we might not need it.  We spent our time on the forest trails in Chaska beneath the mature oak trees that grow so big and tall near the river.  It sprinkled off and on, making the colors of the forest really deep and bright.  Everything felt a little moody, I love how the black and whites from this session look.  It was the perfect day to cuddle with the one you love.  They brought along their adorable german shepherd, who got to run and play.  This couple wanted simply to spend some time together and and experience working with me on photography before their wedding.  We had so much fun!  


BONUS: View Alicia and Jeremiah’s Wedding

Bonus Bonus: Their wedding venue the Chaska Event and Curling Center. I love this spot for both portraits and weddings.

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