Last month I had the opportunity to visit the Lisa Curry Designs showroom and shoot her beautiful barnwood wedding signs.

Lisa re-purposes the antique wood from barns into works of art for weddings, events and home decor.  Her customers love these high quality, artisan made signs and decor.

For engagement pictures she has a variety of Save the Date ideas:

For your wedding day Lisa has a number of signs to use in your photographs and incorporate into your ceremony or reception.

I wish I would have had this sign at my wedding! (Don’t know if my husband would agree though.)

Her reception table number signs can fit any number of wedding themes.
They would also work well for events like family reunions or company dinners/picnics.

When you purchase a sign, you receive something that can be used beyond the wedding and is easy to incorporate it into your home decor as a permanent reminder of your wedding day.

It was extremely fun to style these shots too! I love visiting Lisa’s studio because the variety of items she has in there always inspire me. I love the little details!

Lisa’s signs make great gifts too.

You can visit Lisa’s Website and Facebook Pages to see more photography her customers have sent her showing how they use her signs, as well as contact her to make an appointment to preview and order signs for your next event:


Lisa Curry Designs on Facebook