Wedding Photography at Como Conservatory

Erika & Fabian’s Intimate Christmas Elopement With Wedding Photography at Como Conservatory.


I was excited when Erika called and asked me to be her wedding photographer.  I met her family at a quinceanera, and had a very good time photographing them. Erika and Fabian’s wedding was three days before Christmas.  We did their wedding photography at Como Conservatory in St. Paul.  The Conservatory’s Holiday Flower Show provided us with a warm place for indoor wedding portraits, as well as a backdrop of poinsettias to match Erika’s red bouquet.

a couples poses for romantic wedding photography at como conservatory

A Wedding Ceremony at Hennepin County Court House.

I said YES to having someone with a cell phone right beside me for this wedding ceremony.  We needed the cell phone to live stream the ceremony via Skype to Erika’s family overseas.  I think it was a great idea.  Above all, including the people who are close to you is important at weddings.  I wanted to include everyone in these wedding photos, and so we decided to take a Skype family portrait to remember the moment. 

Elopement Photography Is Important Too.

I am the only “wedding vendor” at this wedding.  There was no second photographer.  It was myself, the judge who asked not to be photographed, and the guests.  All weddings are important and want to support you by documenting the wedding you want to have.  I will have ideas and solutions whether we are doing posed wedding photography at Como Conservatory or some other exciting location.  I will also have as equal creativity for your photography in a small courtroom where emotions and love are the focal points.

Are you looking for an elopement photographer?  Email me via the contact form here.

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