COVID-19 Wedding Photography Information for Minnesota

Use this blog as a reference to help you with the challenges of navigating your wedding plans through the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  This page will be updated when I learn new information that will be helpful to you.  The information here applies to weddings in Minnesota.

I will do my part to advocate for you, my clients, the ones who trusted me enough to hire me to photograph you.  I’m grateful and thankful to be serving you right now.  Fellow wedding professionals:  I’m here to listen to you, help you and be a friend every day, including now.

Wedding Photography & COVID-19 FAQ

I know that much of wedding planning for 2020 is  “wait and see”.  For current couples, I want to make sure we keep in touch.  If you make significant changes that affect your date or location please let me know as soon as possible so I can adjust my plan too.  If you want guidance on planning I’m here for you.

What should we do if we postpone our wedding?

It’s okay to pause and allow yourself to grieve for the plans you had.  I deeply respect all you’re feeling as you move to postpone your wedding.

Once you’re ready to reschedule, have a talk together as a couple about what you both want.  Make purposeful decisions based on the goals you have for your marriage.  The best plan is the one that feels right to both of you.


Who do we contact first if we postpone?

If you have a wedding planner this is the first professionals you should contact.  If you don’t have a planner contact your venue coordinator and your photographer.  They likely helped you with your wedding plans.  They can help you make new plans now.

If the idea of re-planning your wedding brings unbearable stress, find someone to support you through it.   I’m happy to be this person or give you referrals to dedicated professional wedding planners who can do the work for you.


Photography options when postponing your wedding during COVID-19.

I will support the decision you make in regards to postponing and rescheduling.  Here’s how I can help you:

  • There are no rebooking fees.
  • You can transfer your retainer and package to a new date.
  • If you downsize your wedding we can downsize your package to fit.
  • I can photograph your elopement as long as it’s allowed and safe for you, your guests, and all your wedding vendors.

Things to consider when planning your wedding photography:

  • Elope with a reception later: I can adjust your photography plan to include an elopement now and photography at a later date for your celebration with family and friends.  You can find those packages here.
  • Unsure of your new wedding date: I can give you a signed agreement stating your retainer will transfer when we mutually agree on a new date.
  • Payment Plans:  I know this is a tough time for most people.  If you’re worried about how it will affect your photography let’s talk and come up with a solution.  Your well being is my biggest priority.  I still want to be your photographer no matter what happens with your wedding.

For new couples thinking of booking wedding photography:

  • I still need to meet you before you book so we will have a video chat or phone call to do this.
  • You still need a non-refundable retainer to reserve your date.
  • You still need to sign an online wedding agreement that includes my flexible policies for cancelation and postponement.
  • These are the same things you need to book with me at any other time.

How wedding photography works during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These plans will be in place for all photography with your safety in mind:

  • Social Distancing:  I will follow all guidelines for social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet between myself and customers.  I will be using a zoom lens to accomplish this.
  • Posing:  Photography sessions will be no-contact posing, which means I will guide you from a safe distance on how to pose.
  • Facemasks:   I will wear a facemask if the guidelines require or at your request if no clear facemask guidelines are in place.
  • Sanitizing gear:  I will clean my gear before and after each wedding with cleaners appropriate and safe for electronics.
  • Handwashing: I will continue to use the best handwashing practices as recommended by the CDC and carry hand sanitizer with me to weddings.
  • Health check: For all weddings, if I become ill during the planning process I will check in with you and we will decide where to go from there.  For engagement sessions, if I or anyone being photographed is feeling unwell or running a fever within 72 hours of your appointment we will reschedule.

Timing of shoots:  As an additional precaution I will not schedule multiple photography sessions back-to-back at one location.  This is to prevent too many people gathering in one area at the same time.


How many guests can I have at my wedding under the Stay Safe Minnesota order?

Beginning June 10, 2020 outdoor wedding ceremonies can have up to 25 guests.  For indoor wedding ceremonies, enough space for 6 feet of social distance between guests is needed. A general guideline is venues can be at max 50% capacity, a maximum of 250 people within a single self-contained space for places of worship, religious services, and weddings.  This is for ceremonies only.  When it comes to the reception it’s best to talk to your venue about the guest count, because receptions might fall under the category of an indoor private gathering which is still limited to 10 people.

Are Photography Sessions allowed during the Stay Safe Minnesota order?

(Updated 6/13/2020) YES.   I’m booking engagements and portraits for summer and fall now.  I ask that your engagement sessions is limited to the two of you, and someone to safely watch over your pet from a distance if you bring your pet.  For family portraits, I ask that only the people who will be in your portraits attend the session.

Can I order prints from you during COVID-19?

YES.  You can still order, and if you choose to support me this way thank you, I love you!  The professional print labs I normally use in several states are currently all printing.  This means albums, canvas, and other items can all be ordered from me, and you can call or email to place your order.

Production times for prints might be delayed.  This is because all of my print labs are also making protective face masks for essential workers.

As a small business owner, I’m determined to keep going through these uncertain times because photography is my career and the way I feed my family.  (If you ask me for a resume that covers a decade of work experience, photography is literally the only thing I can put on it!)

I’m grateful for everything you’re doing to support me right now.  You have my promise to be your advocate and to help you make decisions that are best for you.

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COVID-19 Wedding Packages

Special options are avilable.

If you're eloping now and planning a reception later I have packages to cover your plans. Take a look at them and then contact me. I can build a completely custom package for you if needed.