COVID-19 Wedding Photography Information for Minnesota

This page is a reference for my couples and others who are facing the challenge of navigating their wedding plans through the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

I will do my part to advocate for you, my couples, my clients, the ones who trusted me enough to hire me to photograph you.  I’m grateful and thankful to be serving you right now.

This situation is constantly changing, and so this page will be updated when I learn new information that will be helpful to you.

Fellow wedding professionals:  I’m here for you too.  If you need help reach out to me.  I’m here to listen to you and be a friend every day, including now.

Wedding Photography & COVID-19 FAQ

As your photographer, I’m committed to supporting you and your best interests.  If your wedding is happening this year as scheduled I still want to be here to support you and photograph your wedding.

I know that much of your wedding planning is  “wait and see”  right now, and that’s okay.  We’re all living life day-by-day as this situation unfolds.

For current and interested couples, I want to make sure we keep in touch.  If you make significant changes that affect your date or location please let me know as soon as possible so I can adjust my plan too.  If you want guidance on planning I’m here for you.

What should we do if we postpone our wedding?

First of all, give space to your emotions.  It’s okay to pause and allow yourself to grieve for the plans you had.  I can’t imagine how you feel but I respect all you’re feeling right now.

Once you’re ready to move forward with rescheduling, have a talk together as a couple about what you both want.  Make purposeful decisions based on the goals you have for your marriage.  Do what feels right to both of you.


Who do we contact first if we postpone?

If you have wedding insurance or a wedding planner these are the first professionals you should contact.  If you don’t have these professionals contact your venue coordinator and your photographer.  They likely helped you plan your wedding and can help you make new plans now.

If the idea of planning your wedding brings too much stress, find someone to support you through it and handle the tough stuff.   I’m happy to be this person or give you referrals to dedicated wedding planners who can be this person.


Photography options when postponing your wedding due to COVID-19.

I will support the decision you make in regards to postponing and rescheduling, and also want to be flexible for you.  Here’s how I can help:

  • There are no rebooking fees.  You can book a new date.
  • Transfer your retainer:   Your retainer & package can be transferred to a new date.
  • Downsizing: we can make a new package to cover any changes in your wedding plans.
  • Eloping: I can shoot your elopement as long as it’s legal and safe to do so.
  • Not sure of your new wedding date: You can still get a signed agreement stating your retainer will transfer when you pick a date.
  • Payment Plans:  I know this is a tough time for most people.  If you’re worried about how it will affect your photography let’s talk and come up with a solution together.  Your well being is my priority right now, and I still want to be your photographer.


For current clients postponing & rescheduling:

  • Let me know as soon as you know, so I can keep track of your new possible wedding dates.
  • Give me your new information including any new vendors helping you.
  • I’ll take care of making a new booking agreement, and will send it to you for approval, so keep an eye on your email for that.

For New clients booking weddings:

  • We can have a video chat or phone call first so you can get to know me.
  • You still need a non-refundable retainer to reserve your date.
  • You still need to sign an online wedding agreement that includes my flexible policies for cancelation and postponement due to COVID-19.
  • These are the same things you need to book with me at any other time, except no in-person meetings are happening right now because of the Stay At Home Order.

Can I still order prints or albums from you?

(Updated 3/31/2020). You can still order, and if you choose to support me this way thank you, I love you!  The professional print labs I normally use are suspending printing until their local Stay At Home orders are lifted.  This means that you can order, and I can submit your order to the lab. Printing and shipping of all orders will be done when my print labs resume services.


What I’m doing during COVID-19

  • Staying at home per the two week Stay at Home Order from Minnesota Governor Walz issued March 25th.
  • Still editing all shoots from before the Stay At Home Order.
  • Networking with other photographers to have resources if I get sick.
  • Keeping updated as new directions are issued by national, state and local authorities.

As a small business, I’m determined to keep going through this because photography has been my career for over eight years, and the way I feed my family.  I’m so thankful for everything all my customers are doing to support me right now.

You have my promise to be your advocate and to do what’s best for you. So please keep in touch and keep me updated with what’s going on.

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