COVID-19 Wedding Photography Information for Minnesota

Use this blog as a reference to help you with the challenges of navigating your wedding plans through the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  This page will be updated when I learn new information that will be helpful to you.  The information here applies to weddings in Minnesota.

I will do my part to advocate for you, my clients, the ones who trusted me enough to hire me to photograph you.  I’m grateful and thankful to be serving you.  Fellow wedding professionals:  I’m here to listen, help you and be a friend every day, including now.

Wedding Photography & COVID-19 FAQ

Much of wedding planning during a pandemic is  “wait and see”.  Wait and see if the state reopens more, wait and see if guidelines change.  For current couples, I want to make sure we keep in touch.  If you make significant changes that affect your date or location please let me know as soon as possible so I can adjust my plan too.  If you want guidance on planning I’m here for you.

For new couples booking wedding photography during the pandemic:

  • I still need to meet you before you book so we will have a video chat or phone call to do this.
  • You still need a non-refundable retainer to reserve your date.
  • You still need to sign an online wedding agreement that includes my policies for cancelation and postponement.

How wedding photography works during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This preparedness plan will be in place for all wedding photography in Minnesota with your safety in mind:

From the MN Dept. of Health:  “As of July 25, 2020, per the Governor’s Executive Order 20-81, people in Minnesota are required to wear a face covering in all indoor businesses and public indoor spaces, unless alone”

All weddings must follow the executive order on face masks.  I will be following this order too by wearing a mask at all weddings.  If you or guests can’t wear a mask due to health or disability reasons I will accommodate you as the order states.

Link to Minnesota Executive Order 20-81 on masks.

Link to full directions on face covering requirements in Minnesota: 


  • Social Distancing:  I and any assistants present will wear a mask and keep at least 6 feet away whenever possible.
  • Sanitizing:  My gear is cleaned before each wedding with cleaners safe for electronics. I follow best hand washing practices and carry hand sanitizer
  • Health checks: For all weddings, if I find out I have COVID-19 any time during the planning process I will notify you and we will discuss the next steps to take.

How many guests can I have at my wedding in Mn during the pandemic?

Here are the requirements for wedding guests counts in Minnesota.  As of October 5th these rules remain the same:

Private outdoor gatherings:   Such as private elopements in nature can have up to 25 guests.

Private indoor gatherings:  can have up to 10 guests.

For weddings at a venue:  Limit indoor and outdoor occupant capacity to no more than 25% up to 250 persons, so long as social distancing can be maintained.

It’s important to know wedding vendors and their employees must be included in the guest count.  I’m putting this guest count information here for reference only.  It’s the duty of your wedding venue to have a preparedness plan and follow all executive orders during the pandemic.  Talk with your venue and caterer about the guest count, social distancing, face mask, and food service guidelines applicable to your wedding.


Are Group Portraits or Dancing Allowed At My Minnesota Wedding?

(Updated 10/6/2020)

  1.  Group portraits are allowed but discouraged by the Stay Safe Mn guidance for events.  It states “Event photography: Standing close together is a high-risk activity, even when it is a shorter period of time. Consider taking individual photos and using editing software to combine them into a group photo.”  Many groups portraits for fall and winter weddings are opting for a collage print rather than traditional group portraits.
  2. Dancing is also allowed but discouraged because it’s considered a high risk activity.  Everyone must wear a mask while dancing and people from different households must social distance on the dance floor.  This change was made on October 5.

This information is from the Stay Safe Mn Guidance for Safe Celebrations and Events PDF, available here:

Are engagement sessions allowed during the pandemic in Minnesota?

(Updated 10/6/2020) YES.  All portrait sessions will be outdoors for summer and fall.   I ask that your engagement session is limited to the two of you, and someone to safely watch over your pet or kids from a distance if you bring them.  If you or I are feeling unwell in any way your session needs to be rescheduled, even if it’s outdoors.


What should we do if we postpone our wedding?

I respect all your feelings as you move to postpone your wedding, because it’s not an easy decision.  It’s natural to pause and allow yourself to grieve for the plans you had before moving on to new plans.

Once you’re ready to reschedule, have a talk together as a couple about what you both want.  Make purposeful decisions based on the goals you have for your marriage.  The best plan is the one that feels right to both of you.

Many couples are feeling the pressure to elope right now.  Elope only if it’s the right choice for you, and not because it’s what’s trendy.  It’s okay to postpone your wedding if you have your heart set on a larger gathering.


Who do we contact first if we postpone?

Your wedding planner is the first professional you should contact.  If you don’t have a planner contact your venue coordinator and your photographer.  They likely helped you with wedding plans.  They can help you make new plans now.

The idea of re-planning your wedding might bring unbearable stress.   In this case, find someone to support you through it.  I’m happy to be this person or give you referrals to professional wedding planners who can do the work for you.


Photography options when postponing your wedding due to COVID-19.

I will support the decision you make in regards to postponing.  Here’s how I can help:

  • You can transfer your package to a new date.
  • If you downsize your wedding we can downsize your package.
  • I can photograph your elopement now and your reception later.

I still want to be your photographer no matter what happens with your wedding.  I know this is a tough time for many people.  If you’re worried about how your photography is affected let’s talk.  Your well being is my biggest priority.

As a small business owner, I’m determined to keep going through these uncertain times because photography is my career, and I’m dedicated to it.

You have my promise to be your advocate and to help you make decisions that are best for you.  I’m grateful for everything my customers are doing to support my business.  Contact me here if you need help with anything.

Resource links For COVID-19 in Minnesota

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COVID-19 Wedding Packages

Special options are avilable.

If you're eloping now and planning a reception later I have packages to cover your plans. Take a look at them and then contact me. I can build a completely custom package for you if needed.