New Creative Lighting Techniques For Your Minneapolis Indoor Engagement Photos

No matter how long you’ve been a photographer there’s always more you can learn, especially when it comes to creative lighting.  This year  I wanted to up my lighting game.  As a wedding photographer, I spend so much time shooting in locations that have less than ideal light.  I have techniques that I learned over the years to make the most of any type of light.  Still, this year I wanted more because I’m really into offering as many solutions as possible for low light and night time portraits.

creative lighting engagement portrait at the Guthrie Theatre
Using lighting to bring out the unique features in the architecture of the space.
engagement portraits at the Guthrie Theatre with creative lighting
Softening lighting to illuminate the couple and enhance the beautiful blue background.

A Quest For New Lighting Techniques

In my quest for more creative lighting, the amazing Minnesota wedding photographer Becca Dilley agreed to mentor me. Real life couple Alyssa and Tyler said yes to this fun photo shoot. Alyssa is an awesome photographer too.  I’m so thankful for the time we spent having fun with these pictures!   It was a creative lighting party if ever there was one.

engagement pictures with creative lighting and silhouettes
Silhouettes are fun!
I had to photograph their shoes, they are adorable!!!

Portraits at the Guthrie

We shot at the Guthrie Theatre, but the techniques used here will work at any location that needs a boost in the lighting.  The gear is all portable and only takes a few seconds to set up.  If you want more drama and depth to your photos the examples here are all lighting techniques we can quickly do during your portrait time.  This lighting works for both weddings and portraits.

Another example of balancing light to bring up the background and keep the couple illuminated properly.
Fun with reflections.
High contrast light is wonderful for black and white portraits with an authentic feel.
A starburst of the backlight. Romantic, modern, and possibly a little sci-fi.

Photography location: Guthrie Theater

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