Wedding photographer thoughts on wedding day tears.

Crying at your wedding.  Let’s talk about that.

Crying for joy is a beautiful emotion, if it’s real.  However, the reality is not everyone cries at their wedding.  Everyone processes emotions differently on their wedding day.  We need to HONOR this as wedding professionals.  As your photographer, I want you to be who you are.

The expectation that you ugly cry romantic tears of joy at your wedding is unfair if it’s not something that will happen naturally.  It’s pressure that you don’t need, because planning a wedding is tough enough, right?!

My couples know in front of my camera is a space where they can express any emotions they’re feeling while we’re photographing.  I have no expectations, I don’t judge.  If you feel your tears coming, and want them to flow, let them.  If you need to compose yourself I’ll give all the time you need.  Sometimes couples have just a little sniffle and a tear.  Many couples I photograph will laugh, dance, hug, kiss and high five all day but don’t cry a single tear.   It’s all okay!

A groom smiles as the bride reads vows at their wedding ceremony in Huber Park Shakopee Minnesota

Here’s Mathias as Allison reads her vows to him.  A beautiful picture full of genuine emotion.

bride with parents crying at your wedding

Brittany cried as she walked down the aisle.  She said she knew she would, and so I captured it.

a bride walks down the aisle with her father on her wedding day in Henderson Minnesota

Ginger walking down the aisle with a radiant smile.

Eric and Sara dancing together.  There’s so much emotion here with the way they hold each-other and the way the light from my flash frames them.  It doesn’t matter if they’re crying, it’s still beautiful because it’s real.

Why are crying wedding photos so popular?

People like and share crying wedding photos of complete strangers on social media because it’s an emotion that’s big and obvious.  We look at pictures in our feeds and recognize tears immediately.

The thing is, what I really care about is capturing a couple’s personal wedding story.  Their personal story may or may not include tears.  I feel it’s my calling as a wedding photographer to accept all couples for who they are and honor their authentic emotions. My passion is to photograph your wedding day truthfully, without any expectations.  You need to thoroughly enjoy being yourselves together when you get married.

I’m a Minneapolis St. Paul wedding photographer who embraces your authentic emotions while documenting your wedding day.  Get more information on wedding packages here.