Eagan Community Center Wedding: Jordan + Lindsey

Sunday was the DAY! I met Lindsey at her hotel. I shot the details and the first half of her getting ready.  The couple requested that the majority of their photos be black and white.  I love, love the vibe from the editing.

After hair was partially done, the dress and accessories were packed up and we went to the reception hall at the Eagan Community Center.  Lindsey and her family proceeded to show me their efficient team work skills as they set up for the reception themselves.  I am still blown away at how Lindsey made or assembled almost everything not edible herself!

The cake and the food she let professionals take care of, but she and her family assembled and styled the whole cake table , center pieces, everything!

While the finishing touches were being put on the reception room I snuck over to the groom’s apartment and got a few shots of Jordan and his best men. They tried to behave themselves for the camera.

Then I went back to the community center where Lindsey was finishing  getting ready.

Lindsey and Jordan chose not to do a First Look for the wedding pictures.  They were very firm about not seeing each other the day of the wedding until until she came down the aisle.

After the ceremony we went out to the court yard and they had a few quiet moments together before going back to the chaos of the reception.

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