Matthew & Eleanor’s Engagement Session in Carver

Finding a photographer for your engagement pictures and wedding is about finding a person to connect with.  Because that connection and trust are what will make your pictures fantastic.  Eleanor, Matthew and I had a much-needed time of fun and connection at their engagement shoot. 

Meeting up for scenic engagement pictures near the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

We previously met by video chat, and this was our first bit of in-person time together.  They traveled from Chapel Hill, NC for the holidays and we ventured out to the Minnesota River Valley for engagement pictures in Carver, Minnesota.  We took a winding trail through the tall grasses down along the river. 

I love going out into this part of the river because it’s a beautiful habitat for eagles, many species of birds, deer, and other wildlife.  If you appreciate nature and are interested in the geography of Minnesota you need to visit this spot.

Getting to know you during engagement pictures.

As we walked we had a chance to talk, and I learned about Eleanor’s passion for education at the planetarium where she works.  Also the couple’s love of the outdoors and simple things like staying in to play board games.  This kind of conversation during engagement pictures is what I love most about them because it helps us bond before the wedding day.  This way our relationship will be more than me being your wedding third wheel.

We had a chance to talk about their wedding schedule too, which ironically could be impacted by the same river in these engagement pictures because we’ll travel from St. Peter to Scenic Escape Barn in Henderson, Mn for the reception.  There’s a chance the spring flooding might close roads.  It’s great that all three of us can laugh a little and be chill about it.  Living in the area around the river flooding detours become a normal part of your life, so having a plan for them is second nature.

These engagement pictures are an experience to remember.

The winter sky was this perfect blue with a soft layer of clouds.  The sun was sparkling, and Eleanor saw her first eagle up close.  As in it flew overhead and screeched at us!  We made amazing pictures.  The engagement session left us all feeling happy and excited for the wedding day.

I’m an experienced wedding photographer near Carver, Minnesota who’d love to take you on a romantic adventure into nature for your engagement pictures.  Learn about options for wedding and engagement pictures here.