Kim and Ben’s lifestyle engagement pictures in Cologne MN were a lot of fun to photograph.  They included their dogs, a game of Skip-Bo, and a little romance.

Spending time together is important.  This is why I love lifestyle engagement pictures so much.  It’s a chance for you to make a date and spend time together.  We have fun, you forget the camera is there and I capture your connection.  It becomes a memorable occasion to look back on.

Ben likes to cook for Kim.  So we started the engagement session in their kitchen.  They like wine, so they included that too.  Also, let’s be honest, it’s not every day you’re in the kitchen for engagement pictures.  Open a bottle, have a toast and make it a special occasion.

Bright and cheerful engagement pictures in Cologne MN

Kim and Ben have a romance full of joy.  Their home decor is bright and cheerful just like the two of them together.  It was fun to watch Kim laugh when I had Ben whisper into her ear.  I use prompts like this a lot to get you to have natural smiles during your pictures.

Playing card games for your engagement session.

Anything goes at your engagement session.  It’s a reflection of your life.  So if playing Skip-Bo at the table after your glass of wine and some cuddling is what you like to do together, we’ll do that!

Including pets in your engagement session.

If you have pets and we’re photographing your engagement pictures at home it’s only natural that we include them.  After we finished Skip-Bo, Kim and Ben spent some time cuddling with their dogs in the sunroom.  The dogs stole the show a little.  But they’re so adorable!

At the end of the shoot, I had the couple stand in front of the window and do a few quiet poses.  I like to end engagement shoots with one or two quiet moments.  It’s nice to have some variety to your pictures.  It’s also nice to have one romantic picture you can frame and keep somewhere special for just the two of you.

If you’re looking for engagement pictures in Cologne MN and surrounding areas contact me.  We can talk about what you like to do together for fun and plan a creative lifestyle engagement shoot you’ll have fun with.

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