A snowy winter engagement shoot in Carver Mn along the river.

People often ask me how to plan an awesome winter engagement shoot in Carver Mn or other similar places.  I like to have you pick a place you love, and I have faith that the weather will be agreeable.  I keep poses comfortable and intimate in the winter.  Certainly, you don’t get cold if you hold each other close (wink!).   I also want you to laugh a little.  Or a lot. Laughter is warmth.

If you don’t wear a jacket, I don’t either.  I do this because then I know exactly how cold you are and if we need to take a break to warm up.  That’s the way this shoot went down.

Ginger’s response to these pictures was “I love them! Even got tears!!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”   Mission accomplished!

Sunday Afternoon Portraits

Before our Sunday afternoon engagement shoot in Carver Mn, I met Ginger and Travis at Lisa’s Place where they were watching football and having a drink.  A really good, relaxing way to start off Sunday afternoon.  We ventured down a little hill into the Minnesota River Valley, where the snow was fresh and the afternoon light glowing.

This spot on the river bank had an amazing view, and a natural little corner made by a fallen tree.  You might stand right here on a date and marvel at the river.

Planning an engagement shoot in Carver Mn along the river.

I know that winter can be a busy time for people, especially right before Christmas.  You have the family to visit, lots of things to accomplish, and probably want to be home by dinner.  Plus if you’re a football fan like Travis you don’t want to miss watching the game.  That’s why we’ll plan your shoot in the late afternoon, so you still have time to enjoy your evening afterwards.  Late afternoon is also the warmest time of day with golden light.  I love how that wintery blue in the sky and snow  comes out to play in these pictures.

kissing in the woods for your winter engagement shoot in carver mn
natural engagement shoot in carver mn

Wedding Planning with your photographer after your engagement shoot.

After we finished up out shoot we went back to Lisa’s Place to warm up, enjoy a drink, and spend some time talking about the wedding schedule.  This was the first time the three of us had a chance to sit down and really delve into the details of the couple’s wedding.  It was a fun day to take a break from the craziness of the holidays and give this couple a chance to focus on each other.  I love being able to connect with couples outside of email and phone calls.  Even if it’s just for one or two meetings during your wedding planning process, it really makes a difference to have that in-person time.   I think it’s one of the best parts of being a wedding photographer.

winter time romantic engagement shoot in carver mn

Hi there!  Thanks for reading this blog.  I’m an experienced engagement and wedding photographer in Belle Plaine Mn.  If you like this engagement session and want to have a winter engagement shoot in Carver Mn or nearby, contact me via email here and let’s make a plan together.