Fun Farm Family Portraits

When Stephanie emailed me asking about Gale Woods Farm portraits for her family, I was extremely excited.  Gale Woods is a real working farm located in Minnetrista, Minnesota.  Having family portraits here is an experience unlike any other because your family gets to see agriculture up close.

standing next to farm animals for portraits in minnetrista
How fun is this? Standing next to farm animals for your family portraits in Minnetrista.

Gale Woods farm portraits are great for active kids who need some room to move and explore.  Your kids will have so much fun seeing farm animals and hiking nature trails and so portraits will be fun too.  When we did this family portrait by the red barn, the goal was just to get the barn in the background.  The alpaca and sheep walked up to the fence all by themselves to check out what we were doing.

kids run and play on a dirt road for their portraits in Minnetrista
Let kids run and play if they want to during your family portraits. We’ll still get cute pictures.

Minnetrista Family Portraits on the lake.

There’s a beautiful lake out at Gale Woods Farm, called Whale Tail Lake.  It’s a short walk on a rustic dirt road from the farm area to this quiet and secluded lakeside spot.  The light there in the late afternoon is perfect for portraits too.  We can even sneak in pictures without the kids, because when was the last time you had a picture with just the two of you?

Fun family portraits in Minnetrista, Minnesota

When you do family portraits with me, it’s important that you have fun.  Whether we’re exploring a farm, walking a trail, or getting together in your own backyard for portraits, I want you to get more from me than just some files you can put on social media.  Because portraits are a chance to let go of your devices and unplug for family time.  You get to make some new memories and photographs that you can look back on fondly from this season of your life.

If you’re looking for something fun to to as a family, check out Gale Woods Farm, and if you’d like portraits there contact me.  I’d love to come along on your adventure.

More information on portrait packages is available here.