This first birthday cake smash was very fun!  Doing a photo shoot at home for your child’s birthday we can go quickly if we need to.  You can fit this shoot in even if you have a lot going on with birthday planning.  We did this early in the morning and it was perfect timing.  Also, I love the balloons in the crib.  This is the first time I’ve tried it, and will suggest it again for at home shoots and first birthday cake smashes.

first birthday cake smash and photoshoot with balloons in the crib

It’s interesting because if you’ve been watching my blog lately you might see first birthday cake smash shoots with just one or two helium balloons in and wonder why aren’t there more.  Currently there’s a shortage of helium going on and many balloon providers are limiting the number of balloons they’ll fill.  So balloons without helium is a good thing environmentally right now too.  Do yourself a favor and buy a balloon pump to fill your own balloons though!  It’s the easiest way to do it.

When we do a first birthday cake smash I include other activities.  Kids have a short attention span when they’re little, so we jump around a lot to different poses.  We save the cake smash until the end to renew their interest in the shoot and not get messy until we’re almost done.

an at home photo shoot and first birthday cake smash by Victoria Minnesota family photographer
first birthday cake smash at home photo session in Victoria, Minnesota

Briana had this little sign which she also uses on Instagram and her blog.  (Home Sweet Bri-check it out here!)  I don’t use a lot of signs but this was perfect for the shoot since it was something she loves using on a regular basis for fun quotes at home.

We did a quick family portrait, and then the cake smash.  You never know what your child will do with balloons or a cake.  Sometimes you get a huge reaction, sometimes more quiet curiosity.  It’s important to know that if your child doesn’t like to be messy there’s no need to cover them in cake frosting.  Any way you do it these pictures still turn out so dang cute!

first birthday cake smash photoshoot by Victoria Minnesota family photographer
first birthday cake smash at home by Victoria Minnesota family photographer

Do you like this first birthday cake smash?   I’m a lifestyle family photographer in the Minneapolis area and can travel to you for your own photo session.   Contact me via email here.