This first birthday photoshoot is so awesome.  When kids feel comfortable your photos will look great.   Also, kids are sometimes more comfortable at home in familiar surroundings.  If this is the case for your child, then pictures at home make sense for you.  At home shoots work especially well when you want to stay inside on a winter morning in your warm and bright living room.

Personalizing A First Birthday Photoshoot

What I love most about this photoshoot is the personal things we were able to incorporate into it.  The tree in the corner with little John Deer Tractors on it was from grandparents.  As we did the shoot we were able to go through toys and pull out more cute props like the larger tractor and personalized miniature farmhouse.  These things mean so much when farming is part of your heritage.  It’s only fitting to capture the details like this at home on the farm.

Above all, I want you to have portraits that are meaningful and help build your family history.  Being at home is such a good way to do this.  In 20 years when your child is grown, these pictures at home and will be extraordinary memories.

first birthday photoshoot at home by the fireplace
This red chair is adorable with his little red bow tie.
This expression. So serious. Like he knows I want him to smile and is on to my game!
fun first birthday photoshoot at home on the farm
Having a personal item to hold can help kids stay still for a minute and smile.
A favorite toy- John Deere tractor
first birthday photoshoot with a tractor on the farm
Make portraits as personal as possible. At home it’s easy to incorporate personal items into your shoot. This mini family farmhouse is perfect.
Balloons are so fun and simple for portraits.
Family portrait in front of the fireplace.

I’m a family portrait photographer and wedding photographer in the Belle Plaine, MN area.  If you’re looking for a first birthday photoshoot I can help.

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