Good Wedding Photos Happen When You Focus on Your Marriage

  Good wedding photos take planning, but not the kind of planning you think.  Purpose makes for good wedding photos.  Weddings are like an iceberg you see.  The physical “stuff” involved in your wedding, all the countless little things you think you need to buy, that’s the tip of the iceberg.  Focus on only those things and you’ll lose sight of the big picture.  Your relationship and your decision to pursue marriage together is the purpose of your wedding.

What matters to me as your photographer is who you are together in your marriage.

I care about truthfully and skillfully documenting the day your marriage begins.  Does this mean I shoot details like your shoes and clothing?  Yes.  Because I really believe those details speak about who you are as a couple.  They are your personal artistic expression.  However, your wedding is so much deeper than pictures of shoes, and I want to make sure we represent that too.

I want to make sure we create wedding photos that show your emotions and show you celebrating surrounded by your guests.  I say WE because wedding photography is teamwork.  It takes the couple and the photographer communicating together to make good wedding photos.   This is because you * the couple that hires me * are what matters most in your photography.

Here’s the other thing about having a wedding focused on the celebration of your marriage:  It produces beautiful photographs, no matter where it happens, what the weather is, or what material details are included.

Have a small wedding or a big wedding.  Be minimal, be off-beat, be funky, be geeky, be classic, above all be who you are together as a couple.   Represent your marriage at your wedding.  Then as you plan your wedding, you can find professionals who will take the time to understand you personally.  This is the biggest step to getting good wedding photos because good wedding photos come from a place of authentic celebration

I’m a Minnesota wedding photographer located in Belle Plaine and traveling in the United States for weddings.

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