How Many Wedding Photos Should My Photographer Give Me?

Before I get deep into the discussion about the number of wedding photos you should receive, I’m going to be upfront about the truth.   There’s no magic number of wedding photos.  Read more to find out why.

Each Photographer Shoots Differently

When you plan your wedding I understand you want everything to be organized.  When it comes to photography I’ll be organized for you.  You’ll have a timeline. For family pictures, I make a list.  This will help you feel confident about your photography.  However, one thing no photographer can plan is the exact count of how many pictures will be delivered to you.

Experienced photographers usually have an average based on all the weddings they’ve shot over the years.  Even so, how many wedding photos are average will differ.   Photographers who stick to traditional posed portraits might deliver fewer photos than a photographer who wants to capture photojournalistic style images of moments as they happen.  This brings me to my next point.

Each Wedding Is Different

I photograph weddings where we plan for immediate family portraits but then capture the extended family too because we have extra time.  I also photograph weddings where plans change.  The ceremony is made short because it’s sweltering hot outside.  The couple decides to skip reception games because all the guests leave early.

At this point, if you’re planning a wedding you might be thinking, “On Facebook, I saw someone who got 2000 pictures from their wedding.  That’s what I want.  I’m determined to find a photographer who can promise me that.”  Before you go to Google, it might help to think about exactly why you’re hiring a professional wedding photographer.

You Deserve Quality Over Quantity

When you decide to invest in my photography I know pictures are important to you.  I want you to have gorgeous, romantic pictures of your wedding that you love and cherish.

Part of having professional photography at your wedding is recognizing that quality is more important than quantity.  It’s my job to not overshoot your wedding.  I go through all the pictures, get rid of the ones with blinks, duplicates, unflattering angles, guests stepping in front of the camera, and so on.  I also make editing decisions so you don’t have to.  Like which pictures look best in black and white, and which look best in color.

How Many Wedding Photos Do You Really Need?

The most logical answer to how many wedding photos you need is this:  Enough wedding photos to tell the complete story of your day.

When I’m your photographer I get to know your wedding goals. I learn what’s important to you.  Plus, delivering pictures of the defining moments of your wedding is important to me.  Can I give you a number for how many wedding photos you’ll get?   I can give you an estimate based on my experience when we talk about your plans.  This includes thinking about how long I’ll be at the wedding, what the timeline is like and your honest expectations about your photography.

I don’t want you to spend time thinking about a certain number of wedding photos.  I want you to be caught up in the celebration of your wedding while I take care of the photography.

I’m a Minneapolis St. Paul wedding photographer who wants to help you have a joyful photography experience.  If you like this blog and are looking for a wedding photographer let’s connect.   Contact me for a pre-wedding consultation.


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*Flowers in the featured photo at The Blaisdell by Minneapolis based Ediflorial.