A Landscape Arboretum Chaska Engagement Shoot

This engagement shoot is lovely, not just to look at but because it taught me something.  I learn more about life and being in a relationship from all of my couples, but the lesson I was reminded of with this shoot is so simple and powerful.

Kalli and Spencer met me at the Landscape Arboretum for their Chaska engagement shoot.  Rain was on the horizon and the Arboretum has two greenhouses we were going to shoot in if it rained the entire time.  We took a chance and ran down to the forest bridge before it rained.  Unfortunately, we were drenched before we made it to the main building.  Kalli and Spencer saw me at my worst.  Completely soaking wet and a little terrified of the lighting that struck too close as we ran into the main building.  (I don’t have many fears but lightning makes me nervous, because when I was a kid lightning hit our house and zapped my mom.)  We dried off from the rain, stayed in the greenhouse for a while, and then went back outside.

The Point Of Becoming A Married Couple

Somewhere in all of our shooting and posing a wasp got trapped in Kalli’s clothes.  Spencer found it and made sure it was completely dead.  He double tapped it.  At the end of the shoot Spencer held Kalli and it was the sweetest, most real moment of love of comfort.  As I was editing these pictures I realized, isn’t this what we want from our partner?  Isn’t this the point of becoming a married couple? We want take marriage vows so we can give love, acceptance, and comfort to one another for life.   Not just when the weather is perfect, but when lighting is striking and wasps are biting. a couple stands on a bridge for their chaska engagement shoot

a couple walks in the woods for their chaska engagement shootan unposed picture for a chaska engagement shootthe arboretum greenhouse for a chaska engagement shoota couple holds hands for their chaska engagement shoota couple dances together during their chaska engagement shoot