This lifestyle family photography in Waconia was incredibly fun!

I want to do more at-home family photoshoots this year.  I adore them.  Jessica and her family are awesome to help me with my goal and I’m so thankful for them.

The most fantastic thing about doing an in-home family photoshoot is the pictures are deeply personal to you.  A bonus: Your photographer coming to your home means you don’t need to think about the stress of getting young, active children into a car.

For lifestyle family photos like this we plan a few activities to do.  We start out doing the activities.  Then if I want to change the posing I direct you.  Sometimes I have additional ideas while we’re shooting.  We usually sneak in a semi-posed family portrait too.  So this photography is kind of posed.  However it’s more flexible than a traditional family portrait shoot.  Perfectly okay for your children to not sit still the whole time.

reading at home during lifestyle family photography in Waconia
Activities for this lifestyle family photography started off with reading in the living-room.
Sometimes the kids are camera aware during the photos, at that’s okay! This is a new experience for them.
We do individual parent-child pictures too.
reading at home for lifestyle family photography in Waconia
If your family has a love of reading and a library of books this type fo shoot will be a guaranteed success.

lifestyle family photography in Waconia at home

I love the little quiet moments during our shoots just as much as the smiles and giggles.

family portraits with lifestyle family photography in Waconia

Fun games like tickling mom and dad or kicking the ball help us switch up poses and keep the kids entertained.

lifestyle family photography in Waconia having fun

So a dance party in the living room is a family tradition.  Also a must do for family lifestyle photos!

Sometimes you just want to hang the kids upside down, right?!

lifestyle family photography in Waconia family portraits with 2 boys

Family group hugs are a nice way to end your shoot.

I’m a wedding & portrait photographer in the Minneapolis area.  If you’re looking for lifestyle family photography in Waconia I can help.

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Fun facts:  Family Portraits can boost your child’s self esteem.  Read why here.