Family photography in Waconia | A playful lifestyle session with books & dancing.

I adore intimate and candid lifestyle photography like this session.  Jessica and her family are awesome, and I’m thankful they welcomed me into their home.

The most fantastic thing about doing an in-home family photoshoot is you have a chance to get pictures that are deeply personal to you.  Memories of your kids, and memories of how it feels to be at home with them.  Also, having your photographer come to your home means you don’t need to stress about convincing your young, active children to get into the car and travel for pictures.

For lifestyle family photos like this we plan a few activities to do.  We start out doing the activities.  Then if I want to change the posing I direct you.  Sometimes I have additional ideas while we’re shooting.  We usually sneak in a slightly posed family portrait too.  However one of the biggest reason why  I enjoy lifestyle photography it’s more flexible than traditional family portraits where everyone stands and looks at the camera.

During a shoot like this it’s perfectly okay, and actually encouraged,  for your children to not sit still the whole time.



Hey there!  Thanks for reading this blog all the way to the end.  I’m a wedding & portrait photographer in the Minneapolis area.  If you’re looking for lifestyle family photography in Waconia I’d love to connect.

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Fun facts:  Children get nervous about portraits just as much as adults do, but with the right games and activities they can have a positive experience that will make family photos easier every year.  Family portraits can also help boost your child’s self esteem.  Read why here.