Family Portraits in Waconia Baking Cookies.

These family portraits in Waconia were a blast!  Baking cookies together as a family is a simple solution when you want lifestyle portraits at home.  The weather stayed cool and grey for so long this year, but indoors is cozy and bright.  I’m thankful to Lindsey and her family for helping with my goal of more in-home lifestyle photoshoots this year.

Important to know about a lifestyle shoot:  I will direct you.  I’ll tell you to start your activity, like cookie baking.  Then as you’re going along I’ll tell you if  I need you to adjust for a better angle or pause for a fun moment looking at the camera.  I want to keep things unposed, but especially with kids prompting plays a part in the shoot.

This first picture is a cute, slightly posed moment.

Baking as a family works best in photos if you let go of all expectations and let the kids participate!

I’ll pay attention to everyone during the shoot to catch your kids being cute.

Feeding parents chocolate chips is always fun!

Parts of your shoot will be detail shots, to take the session and tell a story with it.

Here’s a recipe almost identical to one we used for these cookies.

We will laugh.  A lot!  Because the kids will get the sillies and you’ll want to join them!

Minnesota family portraits at home to document your life.

At some point, we’ll have a family portrait together.  This will be unposed, and feel candid, and natural. It’s different than a traditional formal family portrait.  We’ll talk about your preferences when we plan the shoot.

So then we wait for the cookies to bake.  Your kids might need a break.  I like to find quiet moments to photograph during this time.  No posing is needed.  Just do what you normally do, like feed the baby and chill.  I’ll photograph the sweet stuff.

While we wait for the cookies to bake we can do something else, like read!

Storytime is a great way to help the kids settle down. It makes for adorable memories of their favorite books.

And at the end you get to enjoy the cookies!

Do you need family portraits in Waconia?  I’d love to help you get the shots you want.  I’m a Minneapolis area photographer based in Belle Plaine. Contact me via email here.