Maternity photography & romance.

  Romance evolves when you’re pregnant, and it’s something to be celebrated.  Your idea of romance starts to include time together as family and acknowledgment of the miracle that is life.

Also, in the case of a blended family like Kelsey, Neil and his two boys, getting everyone together for pictures before baby Charlotte arrived was a miracle!  Kelsey wanted to make sure that when Charlotte is older she sees what mom, dad and siblings were like as they waited for her arrival.

By coincidence, Kelsey and Neil ended up having maternity photography with me exactly two years after I delivered their engagement pictures.  When they realized this they remembered what their engagement pictures were like, and we also laughed about the coincidence.

What’s Maternity Photography About Anyway?

All Kelsey & Neil’s feelings of holding each other close with big dreams for their future together were present in these pictures.  This is the reason why maternity portraits are a good idea.  You get the chance to put aside everything for a minute and let all your love rise to the top of your mind.

I can tell you Kelsey looks amazing in pink, and the blue sky was breathtaking out in the fields where the grass is lush and green.  But you can see these things if you look at their pictures.  

I’d rather tell you it’s important to consider what else photography gives you besides ordinary things.

Maternity photography reminds you that life is shared and built by those you love.  This is a portrait session for new memories and fondness of past memories.  Photography is about being in love and on an adventure.  A chance to rediscover the warm and cozy feeling of your family by your side.

Is a scenic outdoor location a good idea for maternity portraits?

I enjoy doing maternity portraits in scenic locations like this nature center near Belle Plaine, Mn. Your portraits are more than just having fun outside or creating a social media worthy shot.  The promise of beautiful scenery and a few fun pictures can motivate you to take time out of a busy day for portraits.  It’s easy to put that on the calendar.  Once you’re in the moment of being in this beautiful location, the door is open to having an experience of connection with the people you care about.   

What if I don’t want to walk far during my session?

The locations I pick for maternity portraits around Belle Plaine and the rest of the Twin Cities area are ones where walking is easy and there’s variety in the scenery without hiking too far.  I look for flat and even walking trails too.  You maternity portraits can be an adventure, and we can go where you like.  I want to make sure we do the walking around you’re comfortable with in that last trimester of pregnancy.

More Info on Maternity Photography in Belle Plaine, Mn.

I’m an experienced wedding & portrait photographer who loves naturally posed and spontaneous portraits.  To book your maternity session send a message here.