On a quiet block of Blaisdell Avenue sits one of the most elegant Minneapolis wedding venues.  Modern decor meets historic architecture at the  Blaisdell Mansion.  The vaulted ceilings make the mansion feel light and airy, and the gorgeous staircases are a classic part of its Georgian architecture.  It’s a venue that can accommodate up to 300 people in the ballroom and still feel intimate.

Lovely Light & Details At Minneapolis Wedding Venue the Blaisdell Mansion

Opportunities for lovely soft light in your wedding photography abound at this Minneapolis wedding venue.  The windows in the parlor and luxury suite capture the light all day long, and the white walls reflect it, give off a romantic glow.

I spent a day at the Blaisdell with a group of awesome wedding professionals.  Together we all helped Erin and Luci celebrate their upcoming wedding.  Leading our shoot was Amber, who’s the owner of Minneapolis-based sustainable florist Editorial.  In a venue with a minimalist design, Amber showed me how a professional can use florals to express a couple’s personal style and enhance emotions on their wedding day.

Amber’s floral choices centered around Erin and Luci.  She said, “For Erin & Luci, I wanted to celebrate their love in a soft, cheerful color palette that welcomed spring. Honey & sunshine, robin’s eggs & clear skies, and that exciting green that trees exclaim when they are just budding out. ”   

Floral Design at the Blaisdell Mansion Minneapolis

Floral design can be used to strategically set the mood for you and your guests during your wedding.  And your use of florals doesn’t have to end at the bouquet or a few centerpieces.  You can bring florals to architectural elements like a magnificent staircase, and adorn your cake with edible florals and fruits to tie in with these elements.

Amber was very purposeful in her choices for the floral design, and explained,  “Fluffy peonies, dancing butterfly ranunculus, delphinium and periwinkle pansies were the floral stars. I love using fruits or unconventional edible pretties like certain vegetables or candies to bring more depth to the overall design of a table or cake. For this shoot, I used kiwi and lemons for their vibrant hues and deliciousness. Through my partnership with Dulceria Bakery, folks can order the yummiest cakes and then I will decorate them to coordinate with the rest of the design and florals.”

Using the way Erin and Luci naturally interact as a couple I wanted to bring together all of the little details at this fantastic Minneapolis wedding venue. I’m proud of the story this shoot tells.  The pictures speak about what wedding details can offer as a contribution to your overall wedding experience and photography.

Your wedding day is a romance all in itself, and being in love with your details is important as loving everything else you have planned.  I want everything to work in harmony at your wedding because your details tell part of your marriage story.  They’re a powerful reminder of your wedding day and evoke emotion just as the wedding portraits or any other aspects of your photography.

Thank you to everyone who came together for this inspiring spring wedding shoot:

I’m a Minneapolis wedding photographer who loves romance, historic buildings and wedding details.  If you’re getting married at the Blaisdell or another Minneapolis wedding venue and find this shoot inspiring, I’d love to talk about your wedding goals with you.  Find more information and contact me about wedding photography here.