Jesse & Keith’s Minnesota Elopement Photography

This intimate wedding in nature feels like sunshine, romance, and fresh air.  It feels like the joy of marrying your best friend.  It feels like the stillness of standing in a field, listening to the wind, and being in love. Because you should feel all of this when you look at your wedding pictures.

Purposeful decisions for your elopement photography

Focus on the feelings of getting married to make purposeful wedding planning choices.  You can listen to your feelings and know what you want from your wedding.  Then let go of all the external noise that can intrude into your mind from outside opinions when you make plans to get married.  Focusing on feelings works for weddings of all sizes and styles.  Jesse and Keith’s happens to be intimate and summery.

Letting go of expectations for your intimate wedding

To do Minnesota elopement photography in nature you need a photographer who loves being surrounded by it.  Jesse and Keith picked the location for their wedding and invited me along to document it because the feeling fit well with my style.

The couple was able to let go of expectations and figure out what mattered most to them about getting married.  By doing this they discovered exactly how they wanted their wedding in nature to happen.  I love that it works this way, because looking at things objectively and centering on what matters is a huge key to planning the wedding you want.

Elopement photography for a short ceremony

For Jesse and Keith spending time together enjoying the outdoors is the best feeling ever.  I also find it’s the best way to let you relax for your wedding pictures.  Another part of having a relaxed elopement experience is to find an officiant who can write you a meaningful ceremony that’s also short and sweet.  Jesse and Keith had Jodi Denzer as their officiant and she did a superb job crafting a ceremony that was perfect for them.

A final thought:  This wedding happened before masks were mandatory.  Weddings look a little different now.  We’ve entered a time when wedding planning is changing and every day brings a new set of rules we all need to learn in order to get married during a pandemic.

Because of this more couples are learning to let go of expectations and use their deepest feelings to guide them while wedding planning.  I’m thankful elopement photography is still a decision that couples are making for their intimate weddings.  No matter how you get married your wedding pictures are a powerful reminder of your love.

Thank you to the following wedding professionals:

Make Up By Mindie

Hair By Theresa

Jodi Denzer Wedding Officiant

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