Engagement sessions are magic, and nothing is more magical than exploring the forests and fields of the Mn Landscape Arboretum during the sunset golden hour at the peak of fall colors. I wanted Courtney and Ben to have this experience because it’s so special and memorable. The best way ever to celebrate their love. Here are some highlights from their engagement session.

Wandering the Arboretum Gardens

The Mn Landscape Arboretum is beautiful in any season. Fall in Minnesota shines bright in the forests and fields at the arb. Lush green grass, vibrant leaves and golden sunlight reflected in the ponds of waterfalls. All the beauty gave this couple a chance to breath in the fresh air and surround themselves with nature.

I think (especially right now) with the challenges so many couples face when planning their wedding, every couple needs a night like this. It might not be possible for you to get in the car and drive hours to leave civilization behind, but the Mn Landscape Arboretum offers a chance to feel completely in nature while staying close to home. So you can turn off your phones and have an experience focused on just the two of you.

Chasing Waterfalls at the Arb

The Mn Landscape Arboretum has several waterfalls, and we made sure to stop by the one with the most fall colors while we were there. I love how the sun and fall leaves reflect in the pool below the falls.

Forest Bathing in Fall Colors at the Mn Landscape Arboretum

A lot of people think the Arboretum is mostly gardens and flowers, but there’s much more to explore. The place is so big that every single engagement session I do there ends up being a little bit different and tons of fun.

I love being your guide when we go on an arboretum adventure. To catch the best fall colors, we went to the forest paths that wind along the lake and marsh areas, dense with trees and lovely for pictures. You can hear bird calls, and if you’re lucky see an eagle or heron as it gets close to evening. Does this sound a little idillic? Heck yes, and I’m all for it!

The point of engagement pictures I think is to get away from everything, be together and dwell in the beauty of your relationship. You deserve beautiful scenery and a little slice of natural perfection when celebrating your engagement.

Mn Landscape Arboretum Prairie at Golden Hour

It was a little hike out the the prairie area at the Mn Landscape Arboretum, but completely worth it. I love to walk and talk during engagement sessions. We talked about wedding plans, cooking spicy foods and fond memories of the past that came up while walking.

Then the prairie unfolded before us, with golden grass whispering in the breeze and the last of the prairie flower and milkweed seed pods scattered in the fields. It was perfect for a little laughter and romance. By the time we finished the moon was about to rise over the trees at the edge of the prairie and we were ready to hike back to the parking lot.

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