One thing I always hear from couples is they’re extremely nervous about wedding photos. They’re afraid of feeling awkward, or not knowing what to do in front of the camera. With planning and preparation you can be less nervous and more confident in your wedding pictures. Here are tips to help you.

Meet your photographer in person before you book.

Being less nervous about wedding photos starts before you even book a photographer. Many couples are in a rush to secure their wedding vendors so they skip in person meetings. Even during pandemic wedding planning it’s important to meet a photographer before you book them. You can do a socially distanced outdoor meet up or a video chat.

When you trust and connect with your wedding photographer from the first time you meet, you’ll be able to relax while being photographed too.

Do engagement photos with your wedding photographer.

Many wedding photographers (including me) offer a portrait session with their wedding packages.  You can use this for engagement pictures or pre-wedding portraits.  It’s tempting for couples to skip this session.  But don’t because it’s a valuable opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer.  Having portraits before the wedding helps you feel comfortable with your photographer which leads to more confidence on your wedding day.

Do wedding portraits alone with privacy.

Keep your first look and wedding portraits a private time. Ask on lookers to leave when it’s time for the two of you to be photographed on the wedding day.  This will help you focus on each other, celebrate your relationship and be much less nervous in your wedding photos.

Sneak out for sunset portraits.

During cocktails or the reception is a good time for portraits.  This is because your ceremony (which you were also nervous about) is done. You’re officially married and ready to celebrate!  Plus you’ll have privacy if you quickly disappear.  Your guests are busy mingling. No one will notice if you leave for 15 minutes.  A lot of couples enjoy sneaking away to a secret spot for sunset or night time wedding portraits at their venue.

Find a photographer who directs you.

The one thing I do that will help you when nervous about wedding photos is talking you through your portraits.  I watch they way you naturally are together and give you constant direction so you don’t feel lost while being photographed.

I might say something silly to get a smile, or ask you to remember a certain time in your relationship that fostered the deep connection you have together. I tell you where to stand and where to look. When a photographer directs you it helps you relax and be natural during wedding photography.

Get the in-between moments photographed.

Wedding portraits that come in between posing are intimate and natural because you don’t realize you’re being photographed.  I love documenting the in-between moments in addition to posed portraits.

Let yourself have fun.

When I plan portraits with my couples I want to make sure they’ll have a little fun.  We start portraits with a little laughter, which will keep you relaxed and able to transition to some seriously romantic pictures too.  You’re going to feel a variety of emotions at your wedding.  When you have space to be yourself and feel them all you’ll relax quickly.  

Accept that you’re nervous.

Everyone gets nervous about wedding photos so acknowledge that you’re nervous. Realizing the anxiety you have is natural can help banish some of it.

Commit to being present.

At some point you have to step away from your mood boards, shot lists and expectations.  You have to take a deep breath, and let go of everything but the moment happening in front of you.  

When you commit to being present in the moment for your pictures and completely trust your wedding photographer, you will let go of your anxieties.  This helps you fully relax and have gorgeous wedding pictures that honor your marriage.

It’s completely natural to be nervous about the big exciting things in life. Live in your moments and go one step at a time.

Hi there, you found my blog! I’m a wedding photographer in Minnesota who wants to give you solutions to overcome your photography challenges and help you be less nervous in wedding photos. Contact me here.