{ Perfect Snow | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer }

Minneapolis on a Sunday morning.   I had a photo shoot at the Guthrie Theater.  I got there early.  I went to the 9th floor, excited to get a few pictures of the landscape.  I was dreaming of a photograph full of fresh, perfect snow.

There was no perfect snow.  

It was barely 10am on a Sunday.  The night before we had a big snow storm.  The snow should be spotless after a snow storm, right?   Yet, everywhere I looked there were tracks through the snow.  There’s no stopping Minnesotans from enjoying a sunny Sunday morning.

This picture is the truth of the moment.

I went back down to the lobby, excited to meet my couple for our shoot.  I promised myself to throw away expectations for the rest of the day.  We made awesome pictures!

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It’s time to let go of perfection.  Concentrate on the truth of your moments.  It will open up a whole new world of possibilities.