When it comes to personal branding headshots, you need more than the traditional studio portrait if you want to get the attention of your audience.  Plus, you want to have fun and feel confident.  When you have outdoor headshots you can focus on the beauty of a place you enjoy being.  It’s a lot easier to be in the moment and have genuine emotion in your portraits this way.

Headshots in Downtown Excelsior

Downtown Excelsior is an exceptional spot for lifestyle or personal branding headshots.  If you want to sit at a cafe, go shopping, find a historic brick wall to pose against, or lounge by the lake for your headshots you can do that here.  We did all these things for Ana’s pictures.  There’s also a park and trails around the lake close by if you prefer to go completely off the city streets.

Personal Branding Headshots Are About Lifestyle Too

If your main purpose of personal branding headshots is new content for social media, lifestyle portraits are a big component in that.  We did pictures of Ana doing things she would do if she was out in Excelsior for something other than a photo shoot, including working at a cafe, shopping, and checking out the menu at a restaurant.  In between, we stopped and took more traditional headshots that could be used on her social media profiles and websites.  Now she can fit these pictures into her content calendar when she posts on social media.  The pictures are personal but general enough that she could use them as conversation pieces for a variety of topics about her business Absolutely Social, which is focused on digital marketing.

personal branding headshots and dining in downtown excelsior
shopping in downtown excelsior
professional personal branding headshots in downtown excelsior
personal branding headshots on Lake Minnetonka

We ended this shoot on Lake Minnetonka.  It was a little windy, but a beautiful end.  This was a way to take in the moment and relax.  The bonus about personal branding headshots is that they’re a way to schedule some time for yourself too.

If you’re in need of personal branding headshots for social media or your website, I’d love to hear about your vision and bring it to life with you.

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