Summer & Jake | Portraits at Lake Maria State Park

Summer and Jake moved to Minnesota and planned on getting married here in November.  Like many couples, their plans were disrupted by the pandemic.  But they still wanted to do something special on their original wedding date.  They decided that portraits at Lake Maria State Park with their dogs was the best way to celebrate.  Lake Maria is a place they often visit to walk their dogs.  This was the first time they’d been there with snow.  Coming to Minnesota from Georgia it was basically the first time they experienced snow up close and in person too!

We planned a relaxed session where the dogs would be able to sniff around, explore and be comfortable.  This is the best way to do your portraits when you have curious, active dogs who might not be able to pose for more than a few minutes without getting excited about something they see or smell.  The couple also wore what they were most comfortable in, because what was important was the two of them being together on this day in their favorite place.

The day started out overcast, but gave us a moody winter twilight that felt magical standing up on the hills above the prairie grasses.  Time to connect with each other and connect with nature during your portrait session is something I want to give you.  The experience of tall trees surrounding you and the wind whispering through tall grass creates calm.  It’s a way to put aside everything and be together in the moment, not even thinking about looking at the camera or posing.  And I love giving couples moments like these.

For more information on visiting Lake Maria State Park and having your own moments connecting in nature, check out the homepage.

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