Prior Lake Business Photographer | Chiropractic Care

Photography is tough on your body.  As a photographer I’m either standing for long hours, bending, stretching and hauling heavy gear, or I’m sitting at a computer hunched over, straining my neck and shoulders.  I know I have to take care of my body to be a good photographer.  Prior Lake Health and Spine is where I go for chiropractic care.  When my back started acting up a month before fall wedding season Dr. Rickert came to the rescue.  He is not like any chiropractor I’ve worked with in the past, he focuses on rapid treatment when you have an issue instead of stretching your visits out for months on end.  You can visit his site here to learn more:

This promo shoot was fun because I got to see him work from another perspective besides on his table.  His office in down town Prior Lake, he has massage therapists on staff too!   It’s is a very contemporary, warm and relaxing place.








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