Why should you get a professional for your backyard wedding photography?

Backyard weddings are growing in popularity as couples seek meaningful ways to wed. They’re relaxed, romantic, and lots of fun. Photography for their backyard wedding is often one of the biggest investments couples make. And for good reasons.

If you’re considering skipping professional photography at your backyard wedding, read this blog before you make your final decision.

Here are the benefits of investing in a professional for backyard wedding photography.

You get professional family photos.

A wedding is one time when you have a lot of family members altogether.  Even when it’s a small group of your immediate family, getting pictures of everyone is important.  When will the next time be that you’re all together with a photographer?  Experienced wedding photographers know how to make family photos fun and easy.  After 10 years of doing family portraits at weddings, I’m efficient about wrangling everyone up and getting it done quickly with beautiful results.

backyard wedding photography in Le Sueur with a professional family portrait
Family portraits that are more than snapshots are one of the reasons why you need a pro photographer. This backyard wedding reception was at home on the family farm.

You can have an unplugged wedding ceremony.

Couples who hire a pro for backyard wedding photography want their guests to put their phones away!  They want guests to forget about digital distractions and be fully in the moment for the ceremony. Going unplugged is extremely important to many couples at short, intimate backyard wedding ceremonies.

When your guests know a pro is taking care of your ceremony photography and they’ll be able to see the pictures, they’re likely to respect your request and enjoy the ceremony more.

romantic backyard wedding photography portrait of a couple in New Ulm MN
Summer backyard wedding ceremony in New Ulm, Minnesota

You have professional support for your relaxed wedding day.

 For backyard wedding photography you have planning support. I can guide you on when the best light for portraits happens during the wedding day, organize an awesome first look, and anticipate photographing moments that guests might miss.

I do all the photography planning so you don’t have to worry about it on the wedding day. I leave room for spontaneity so you can still have the relaxed wedding you want. 

 Your friends won’t need to work the wedding.

Everyone has a friend with a camera.  A beginner, a talented hobbyist, or a seasoned professional.  When you give the responsibility of photography to a friend they’re no longer free to be a guest.  Now they have the tasks of planning, preparing, and working at the wedding.  Plus sorting out, possibly editing, and delivering the photos after.

A lot of couples want backyard weddings that are a great party for all their guests.  Friends and family should be in pictures, not standing behind a camera. Or trying to party and photograph at the same time.  When your friend turns to grab a beer from the bar but misses capturing an important spontaneous moment they may get stressed.

DIY friendly Minnesota backyard wedding photographer
Beautiful backyard wedding ceremony in the pines of northern Minnesota

Getting pro photography for your backyard wedding is an investment in your relationship.

The choice to have a professional do your backyard wedding photography is about celebrating your relationship.

Couples who choose to have me for their backyard wedding photography want more than snapshots for social media.  They want gorgeous, memorable pictures that they can print. And they want someone experienced to take care of all their photography things.

Professional photography gives you the ability to look back at your wedding pictures and celebrate the day your marriage started every day.  As the years go by, looking back at wedding pictures you love becomes more enjoyable and more important.  And you won’t know that until you don’t have pictures to look back at, so I’m telling you now.   

Investing in photography is not an extravagance.  It’s a personal decision.

The decision to hire a wedding photographer is just as personal as the decision to have your wedding in the backyard. Couples hire me for their backyard wedding photography because getting married is a huge milestone in their relationship journey. They decide they want to make professional photography a priority at their wedding.

You’re doing a lot to make your wedding day memorable. Why skip having a photographer document how awesome your first day of marriage was?

If you’re still having a hard time deciding if getting a pro is right for your backyard wedding, contact me and I can help you. The choice isn’t right for everyone, and I’m glad to give you more information so you can do what’s best for your marriage.