Chris’s professional headshots in St. Paul.

I met up with Chris in St. Paul for his headshots.  He’s a person who appreciates nature and feels relaxed spending time outdoors.  Because of this we chose an outdoor spot for his headshots.   It was a fast and easy walk around the Como Park to find spaces that went well with his personality and his wardrobe.

How to have the best professional headshots.

I find a lot of people feel that their headshot session needs to be something serious, and don’t expect it will be fun.  Portraits should always be fun, because that gets you relaxed, which helps you have the best headshots.

Another common belief people have is that headshots should only be done in a studio, which is not true.  There are locations all over the Minneapolis and St. Paul area that make for great casual or formal headshots.  Chris is a visionary, an entrepreneur, and believes in being environmentally conscious, so we found spaces that communicated these ideas.

Headshots speak about you beyond what you look like, so having them on location gives you more freedom of expression.  When you communicate who you are clearly and consistently on social media, your website, and all the other places your headshot goes it gives you an advantage.  People will remember who you are, what your mission is, and what you value.  The concepts of values and mission are extremely important in today’s economic climate, because people want to work with others who share their values and have similar missions.

When is the right time to get new headshots?

Our careers go through a lot of transitions, and when that happens it’s a good time to get new headshots.  Whether you’re rebranding your business, changing your career focus, or moving someplace new like Chris did this year.  All times when you need a new headshot.

Some experts say you only need professional headshots every five years, but any time your appearance drastically changes you should get new headshots.  People need to recognize you when they meet you, whether that be in person or through a video chat.  It gives others confidence in you and builds trust when you look like your picture.

Professional headshots can be quick and simple.

Generally 20-60 minutes of your time and one or two outfits you love wearing is all you need to get good headshots for  Linkedin and other professional websites.  All you need to do is show up, be yourself and let me take care of the rest.  If you have more time we can grab a coffee afterwards, because I believe that having a reward to look forward to makes headshots even more fun!

Thanks for reading this blog.  I’m an experienced photographer from Belle Plaine, Mn.  I photograph headshots, families, events, and weddings in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Mankato areas.

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