Wedding albums matter so much to me as a photographer.  They’re what you have left after you’ve invested greatly in your wedding.  Wedding albums are part of how I serve you.  I care what happens to your pictures after the wedding is over.  Wedding albums can enrich your life and are an experience worth investing in.

professional wedding albums from a Bunker Hills wedding photographer

Wedding albums use all your senses to help you remember.

Touching something like a wedding album reinforces your memory.  Any time you can put a physical sensation with memory it’s stronger.  Holding your wedding album, opening the pages, smelling it, then viewing your pictures gives you a richer experience of remembering your wedding.  It’s seriously magical.  Also, you won’t realize this until you have your album. Which is why I’m telling you now.  It’s worth it.

wedding albums by Minneapolis photographer

Wedding Albums Elevate Your Mood.

When you’re having the worst day ever, like the most Monday of Mondays that ever existed, take out your wedding album.  It’s a great way to get centered and remember what matters to you.  Unplug from your phone.  Walk away from your computer.  Get cozy on the couch and allow yourself time to enjoy your album.   After re-experiencing your wedding memories you’ll feel a whole lot better.

wedding albums are important

Wedding albums are made to pass on to your family.

When my husband’s uncle passed away his family started taking pictures of prints they fond in his home and putting them on Facebook.  His kids found pictures of so many relatives that the uncle held on to.  It was a treasure chest of family history.  Some of the prints were more than 50 years old.  No special technology was needed for his kids to view the pictures they found.  They used social media to share them with us but didn’t need to.

Imagine finding a USB drive in 50 years.  What will your relatives or kids even be able to do with it?  Technology will change, but a printed album can always be viewed.  If if it gets dirty or wet the pictures won’t completely vanish.

wedding albums preserve your family history

Wedding albums are another way professional photographers like me can serve your best interests.

I know you might want to DIY your album.  But I also know you don’t have time to go through pictures, upload them to a printing site and spend hours arranging the album layout with the printer’s online software.

It’s my responsibility to make sure I take care of you anyway I can for your wedding. It doesn’t serve your best interests for me to hand you 100’s of wedding photos and say “Good luck with the album.”

The easiest way to print a wedding album is to have your photographer do it.

This is why I encourage you to get a professional album.  Because it’s easiest for you.  I offer payment plans, I include albums in some of my packages.  I’m happy to design an album for you even if it’s been a year or more since you got married.

Wedding albums matter to me because I know they’ll enrich your life.  Making your life better is what’s most important to me as your wedding photographer.

(Interesting Fact:  Wedding albums that use textured prints, fabrics, smells and audio cues from the wedding day can help you remember your wedding if you’re blind.)