Thoughts on romantic Minnesota wedding photography

Here in Minnesota, winter is the quiet time for photographers. I book a small number of weddings in the winter. I feel the need to slow down and reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going in my photography journey. This winter my focus is on reconnecting with the elements of wedding photography I loved most from the very first wedding I assisted at over a decade ago. Those elements are details and romance.

I’ve received so much well-meaning marketing advice over the years to stop posting detail shots of things like pictures of couples kissing, and instead focus on being a practical photographer rather than a romantic one.  And for a while, I’ve followed that advice.  I didn’t realize how much joy it was sucking out of me to not post the romantic shots that I’m so proud of.

In my reflection and quiet time, I’ve realized a personal truth.  Weddings are a defining day in your relationship when romance runs wild and free.  The little details you incorporate into your wedding become powerful representations of what your relationship means to you.  And I adore that about wedding photography.  It lights up my soul.   At the beginning of my photography career, I embraced that romance.   I realize now the strong need to keep embracing it because it brings so much joy to my couples to have those pictures.

Why romance is important in your wedding photography

As my marriage has matured over the years I’ve come to know how important romance is for myself and my husband in keeping our relationship thriving.  Nineteen years of marriage have taught me that romance isn’t a fairytale.  It’s a tangible element of your relationship with your partner that can exist every day.  I believe I can be a practical and effective wedding photographer while still being in love with capturing the real-life romance of your wedding.  Those unscripted pictures of the two of you, and your details, are very important in telling the story of your wedding.  They’re also the pictures that can’t be planned and put on a list.  Romantic moments are things I’ve learned to look for and anticipate at weddings.

Your romance is unique

Romance is different for every couple, and it makes sense that as we collaborate on your wedding photography I’ll learn about the things that define your romance.  The moment you met, the path that leads you to marriage, the hopes and dreams you have for a future together.  Those things are all part of the romance that is your marriage.  Part of the purpose of wedding photography is to capture these concepts through tangible images so each couple has a personal reminder of them.  Looking at your romantic wedding photography will help you go back to the magic of your wedding and reignite the high level of romance you felt on that day.

I agree with the fact that practical pictures of your wedding are important.  The standard posed shots like family pictures have their place in the story of your romance too.  They’re pictures of the people that support your marriage journey.  In the past ten years of being a professional photographer, I’ve learned that those standard wedding pictures are the easy ones.  In all my winter reflection I’ve found a powerful reminder that finding the moments of deep romance in between the standard pictures is the most rewarding part of photographing a wedding for me.  These moments work together with your very personal details like shoes and jewelry to paint a picture of the entire deep meaning behind your wedding day.

I’m a wedding photographer in Minneapolis, Minnesota who wants to help you create romantic wedding photos.  For more information on wedding photography packages, and to contact me, click here.