Scenic engagement photos along the Minnesota Valley State Trail. This sunset session was the perfect outdoor escape full of romantic moments and moody light.

Taylor & Rhianna’s scenic engagement photos

When you think of scenic engagement photos mountains are probably the first landscape that comes to mind. I submit this engagement session as an example that flood plain forests of the Minnesota River can be equally breathtaking.

Taylor and Rhianna said they wanted to get away from home for a little adventure for their engagement photos.  I invited them to come out to the river and enjoy the unique scenery.  It’s one of the only places in Minnesota where you’ll find soft sand covering the forest floor.  This place feels a little bit like the North Shore and a little bit like the Pacific Northwest.

The forest is peaceful, and you feel like you’re all alone with the sounds of the wind in the trees and birds above.  Definitely, a romantic spot perfect for scenic engagement photos if you’re a nature lover.  The trails near the river also allow us access to some prairie, beach, and wetland spots.  The sun has a way of streaming down into the valley and creating the best portrait light.

For the second half of this engagement session, we went down to the beach along the river as the sun set below the trees.  The twilight had a beautiful haze to it.  The river will always be a place where you feel free and connected with nature.  Being as how we were in the middle of a pandemic, mostly staying inside our homes at the time of these pictures, this was an extremely free-feeling time.  To leave the house, and get outside was glorious.  Breathing in the fresh air and focusing on their upcoming wedding gave a sense of peace and comfort that went missing sometime after we were all locked down.

At the end as we walked back to the parking lot Taylor asked for directions to the nearest Culvers so they could get a treat.  Because cheese curds and custard are earned after an awesome engagement session like this one.  🙂

Scenic Engagement Photos in Southern Minnesota

If you’re looking for a chance to get out of the city and find some truly unique landscapes for scenic engagement photos I know a variety of places in Southern Minnesota between Belle Plaine and Mankato that you can visit.  The Minnesota Valley State Trail is a great place to start if you like hiking.  I also know spots to dine along the way, so you can make a date night of it.  Contact me here and I’ll give you some suggestions.