Should you get a second photographer with your wedding package?

The question of adding a second photographer for your wedding is a common one in the Minneapolis area, where our weddings include more guests than the national average, and our wedding photographer options are plentiful.

Every photographer does things differently when it comes to second photographers in wedding packages.  Even wedding blogs will give you a different opinion on if you actually need a second photographer.  A few years ago it was a popular opinion that you had to have a second wedding photographer.  When elopements and intimate weddings became popular again this opinion changed.


So how do you know if you actually need to invest in a wedding package that includes a second photographer?  Ask your photographer, because they do know best!

Every wedding is different and every photographer shoots in a different style. The best way to know if you’ll need a second photographer is to talk with your main wedding photographer and let them guide you on the decision.   Be honest about how many guests you invited, how many locations you’ll travel to the day of the wedding, and what your expectations are for your wedding pictures.

In 2012 I started out shooting small weddings mostly by myself.  As my business grew, and my weddings got larger I added a second photographer option to my packages.  I still shoot weddings by myself and know many other experienced professional photographers (that I’d trust with my own wedding) who also shoot solo.

A second photographer can add a lot of value and variety to your pictures.  They can be a wedding saver in many situations.  But a solo wedding photographer isn’t unprofessional as long as they know when to recommend adding a second photographer.

5 reasons to include a second photographer in your wedding package:

1. Your guest count is high.

This is the number one reason you should consider a second photographer.  The current national average wedding guest count is 105 according to the Knot.   I regularly see guest counts of around 125-250+ at Minnesota weddings.  If you have over 150 guests a wedding package that includes a second photographer is worth investing in.

A large guest count means a large reception venue, a big ceremony space, and lots of action happening all at once.  I’ve photographed weddings where I can barely get to the other side of the room because it’s full of people.  Two photographers gives you the best chance of not missing the moments that happen quickly.

2. Everything can happen all at once during your wedding.

One photographer can only catch so many moments.  If something is happening behind me and in front of me, I might miss what I can’t see. If I have a second photographer working with me there’s a high chance that they’ll catch what’s happening behind me because part of their job is being observant on what I’m doing and what they can do to get different shots.


 3. Your wedding schedule is hectic.

You’re not having a first look, or you’re having a first look but it needs to be super quick, like two minutes quick.  There are points in the day where you’ll be separated from your partner and you want pictures in both locations at once.   You only have one hour to get every single family, wedding party, and individual portrait.   These are all situations where a second photographer is a good idea.  Two photographers can get through portraits faster than one and go to separate locations when needed.


4. You need very large group portraits.

If you need a very large group photographed, a second photographer is a good idea.  Chances are this also means you have a high guest count for your wedding anyway.  Wedding parties of more than 20 people, or family portrait groups with lots of people in them.  All times when a second photographer is very, very helpful.

A second photographer will be able to assist in posing the group, wrangle up people, and keep watch for details that one photographer might miss when working with a huge group of people in a time crunch.

5. You want the same shot from multiple perspectives.

Two photographers mean two creative minds, which will give you more variety and more final pictures.  An experienced second photographer will have their own unique style to contribute to the story of your wedding day.

Now you know, you might need to invest in a second photographer for your Minnesota wedding.

Hopefully, this blog gives you a better idea about why it’s so important to consider getting a second photographer with your wedding package if your main photographer recommends it.  A lot of people tend to think photographers are just trying to make a bigger sale by including a second photographer, but when we advise you to have one, it’s for your own benefit.

I personally want you to have amazing wedding pictures.  After over a decade of experience, I know it sometimes takes two photographers to make that happen!

I’d love to talk to you about your wedding plans and help you decide what will be best for your photography.

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