I’ve never done a “Best of” blog before!  I thought this year I needed to look back at all the shoots I’ve done one final time, with thankfulness for all the new clients and friends I’ve made this year.

Before we get to the photography, let me say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of my clients.   I would not be here moving into 2015 continuing to do photography without you.  This has been a huge, exciting year and my clients have made it that way!

Let’s get started!  It’s hard to pick favorites because each and every shoot I do is like my baby!  Do I REALLY have to pick a favorite?  Here are some shots that are my favorites because they reflect the way my photography skill has grown this year.

My favorite Child/Family session from this year was the bunny sessions!  It was the first time I’ve ever combined shooting children with shooting animals.

Dylan’s session in particular was super sweet because his mom dressed him up so cute!


My favorite Baby Belly goes to April!  She was my first maternity shoot, and she was due any minute when we shot.  Thank you April 🙂


My favorite artistic engagement shot from this year was Angel and Serch’s kiss in the field.


My favorite Senior outfit has to be Colton and his tie!  This guy knows how to wear a suit!


My favorite location head shot session from the year is Julie’s Como Conservatory shoot.


The sweetest posed family portrait at a wedding has to be this one with Amy, Robert and Amy’s mom, who gets credit for the pose idea!


My Favorite wedding gown shot is this one from Bethany and Adam’s September wedding.


My favorite romantic moment was this shot of Mike and Thea taken on the road outside Rubies and Rust at sunset.


My favorite non-traditional wedding ring shot is this one, from Matt and Cindy’s Water Street Inn Wedding.


My favorite posed funny moment this year comes from Katie’s extended family shoot!


My favorite high energy moment of the year was Mortificator’s show at the Pour House!


My favorite technical lighting challenge this year was in the Prior Lake Spine office.  I figured out that we needed to keep the room lights off, stand on a stool, and bounce my flash off a mirror in order to create a relaxing glow in the massage table room while still seeing glow of the pretty light in the corner.


To round things up, my favorite “It should be in a magazine” shot is Thea’s bouquet, which she made!


Thank you for following along with my blog in 2014, here’s to an amazing New Year!


personal favorite is the non-traditional wedding ring shot but I may be biased. the the Baby belly shot is a very close second.


LOL, it’s okay to be bias Matt! Thank you! I have to say, I am excited about doing more maternity photography in 2015. I kind of wish maternity photography was as cool 10 years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. The art of maternity portraits has come a long way in 10 years!

I’m glad Robert and I made your favorites list. 🙂 For our wedding was our favorite moment of our year, which included you being there to capture it. Thank you so much for your talent and expertise in capturing our happiness.


Awe, thank you! It means so much to know that!