We had such fun with these spring family photos in the Shakopee, Mn area. I adore creating portraits full of laughter and sparkling sunlight light.

The best location for spring family photos in Shakopee.

When I do family photo shoots I always want to find a location where your kids have room to move, because most toddlers and younger children I photograph are active, curious, and adventurous. I want your whole family to feel free to be themselves during portraits too.

It’s not fun to have family pictures if we set the unreasonable expectation that the kids need to sit still for the entire time. Let’s play games, sing songs, make silly jokes about who has the stinkiest feet, and do a little exploring. This will be fun for your family and help the kids associate your portrait session with playtime. Make portraits fun, and your children will always look forward to spring family photos.

A wooded area with paved or gravel walking trails is an ideal spot for spring family photos in Shakopee too because there’s not a lot of mud or puddles to worry about stepping in.

What to wear for your Minnesota spring family photos.

Pink and blue colors are a great timeless choice for family portraits. They’re easy to mix and match. They create a playful mood for these spring family photos.

When you’re picking out colors for your spring portraits you can choose a nice neutral base color like cream, tan or light gray. Then add one or two accent colors. Muted pastel colors will give you a fresh, vibrant look that feels like spring.

What’s the best time to schedule spring family photos?

During spring in Minnesota, the afternoon or early evening is the best time to schedule family portraits. From the afternoon to about an hour before sunset is the warmest time of day during the spring. Plus the light is the most golden and sparkling, especially in areas where trees are budding with leaves.

For younger children who nap in the afternoons, an early morning spring family portrait session might work for you too because your child’s mood will be much better than if they skip nap time.

Spring mornings can be warm or crips since we’re in between seasons. Wearing layers during your spring family photos in the morning will help keep you warm.

When your kids have spring break is also a good time to schedule your spring family photos. Especially if you’re planning to relax at home rather than travel. You can plan fun activities during the week and include portraits on the list.

Do you need professional family photos in the spring?

Yes! From the perspective of both a parent and a photographer, I think they are. Especially if you have young children. Little kids change so much between spring and fall. Plus fall is such a busy time for parents. We have school starting, with sports and activities to get our kids to, plus getting ready for the holiday season. Everyone wants fall photos, but many Minnesota photographers have more openings in the spring because of this, so it can be easier to get the time slot that works best for your family.

Have spring family photos, and you can still schedule a short session for fall. If life gets hectic and you don’t have time, your annual photos are done and you’ll be ahead on sending out holiday cards.

Contact me today and schedule your spring family photos.

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